Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Map of the Internet

When it's finished. It should look like "Angel Trumpets!"

The above view shows that Cyberspace is a Fractal. Why am I not surprised?

Monday, November 27, 2006

The "Love Songs From Ground Zero" CD: Order Now!

An excellent gift for those special people who you know will enjoy something completely different. This CD includes "Red Line Blues," "Goper's Lament," "The Disney Protest Song" and "The Gift A True Story of the Holidays." Only 100 CDs have been pressed for a limited Holiday offering, so please order this unique experience today!

Then come to the thread below for some real Holiday Activism!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Christmas Card To The World

The Gift
A True Story Of The Holidays
by David Teller

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I'm a musician in the New York City Subway. In September of 1994, I wrote a story intended as a Christmas card to the friends that I had met while working at the stations in and around what is now called "Ground Zero." Over time, folks have encouraged me to get the story published.

I know nothing of publishing, so I decided instead to treat myself and present it as a Holiday greeting to people in the world whose work I respect and admire.

I hope this story touches your heart, as mine has been touched by the many friendships that inspired it, and in that spirit, I hope you'll pass it along to everyone you know.

May the Love that knows no Comprehension find rest in your hearts and in your homes this Holiday Season.

Please open "The Gift"


"The Gift" is freely given.

Contributions to the Author are greatly appreciated.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Surprise Gift From A Complete Stranger

A young man named Rick Uhl saw "Goper's Lament" posted at The Huffington Post and sent me this video from YouTube. This thing is a hoot!You can see the video by clicking the title.

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts appear out of nowhere. I hope you enjoy this and pass it along to your friends.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

While I Was Away III: Gathered Angels

I don't think I could have looked any worse. Four days after surgery, in a hospital, hooked up to 3 IVs, a realtime EKG and tubes coming out of God knows where. I think that even for the happiest guy on Earth I had reached a low I hadn't expected. For the first time in my life I felt old and not only sick, but infirm. It was really the first day that I really started coming back from the anesthesia. All I could think about as the tv droned on aimlessly was that what I was feeling at that time, was the rest of my life was going to look pretty much like this. except I'd be at home. I don't know what put the idea in my head, but it seemed as though life as I had known it was over.

There was a sadness that comes in the serenety of realizing your job is done. Long ago when I first brought my guitar to the Staten Island Ferry, someone complimented me by saying that I had made their day and to be able to do such a thing is a great gift. In a purely off hand reply, I smiled and said, "Then I won't stop 'till the whole world smiles."

From that moment on I sang and played as if every heart that heard me was like a tiny pebble cast into the middle of a still pond all its own, sending just a few quiet ripples all the way to it's outer banks. Millions of ripples later (Oh if ripples were dollars!) reality said that I was hanging up my guitar and going home just to try not to be a burden to my wife for the remainder of my time here.

Somewhere in me grew a slow and steady panic at the thought of becoming dependent on one who, less than a week earlier, was far more disabled then I'd ever thought of being. The thought of going home began to frighten me, as each thought made me feel more hopeless. Sitting in my chair I felt I should just give up right then and there.

As fate would have it, at about that moment three smiling women entered the room. Part of me thought I was dreaming. Part of me thought I was delusional from being awake under sedation for at least 18 hours. It was Puddle, Agatha and Thankful, (Who, by the way has a great deal of healing energy in her hands!) and it was clear to me that they had brought the affection of the entire community with them, Their hugs were those of cherished friends.

All at once, my Hospital room was transformed into a Deaniac Convention Hall. I remember joking to myself " When two or more are gathered in Dean's name the whole community is there. I told them that ConSec let me know that Renee put up an internet Get Well card and a bunch of people sent their regards. We talked about Francine Busby's loss in court over what should have been a slamdunk recount ruling. We talked about Ned Lamont, and I told them that I wanted to get involved in unseating Vito Fossella, another Goper rubber stamp running as an "Independent Fighter." Within 10 minutes I felt like I had come alive again, and I was itching to get back in the fight.

These three "Dean's Angels" were only permitted to stay for half an hour, but ended up stealing an additional 30 minutes. Near the end of the visit, Thankful came around to rub my shoulders and I let my entire being drift into her fingers all the while. When she stopped and they gathered up to leave, I was ready to go with them. But then I remembered all the tubes and wires I was connected to and realized I wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. As it turned out it was September 24 before I was able to leave, only to return 5 days later to the ICU because of abnormalities in my blood work. My final release was on Oct 4.

Have no doubt, my dear friends that the Compassion of the Community was carried on the wings of these three Angels, and it gave me the strength and encouragment I needed to get through quite an ordeal and get home. I'm even beginning to hear my guitar call to me from its little corner of my room. Thank you one and all! (Click the title)

Deaniacs Rock The Nation!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

While I Was Away II: Renee's Candle

ATrue Story of Community

On the Morning of August 23, a friend came to visit. When I opened the door, she looked at me and gasped.

"David," she said in suprise, "your eyes are all yellow. you better get to a doctor." I invted her in and asked that she have a seat. Thinking it might be a joke, I went into the bathroom and looked in mirror. She was RIGHT!! So I got dressed to go out and immediately went to the Emergency Room. By the next day, I was told that I was to have a pancreatic biopsy and some kind of major surgery. The biopsy came back negative but the surgery went forward.

As I unpacked in my hospital room I began to realize I'd probably be sidelined for most of the campaign season. After all, I have as have all of us, been waiting since July of 2002 to see some concrete results in our efforts to take our country back. We all know that Howard Dean leads this Party, and the Democratic Leadership Council can kick and scream all it wants. Facts are facts. Howard Dean is at the helm and the lot of this community is cast to stand with him. Now was the time to see if our work, all of the progressive efforts from grassroots to netroots put enough feet on the ground to regain the Congress, and I wasn't gonna be there.

So I called my son, whom folks know as Conspiracy Secretary here in blogspace, and asked that he write to the blogs and let them know I'd be away for a while. Not long afterward, word reached Renee and Demitrius (of "Soylent Dean" fame) at Howard Empowered People and within what looks like less than an hour Renee had set up a Virtual Candle as a focus for the community to send positive energy, prayers and Compassionate feelings in my direction. Notices of the candle were posted by Renee to Firedoglake, My Left Wing, Blogforamerica, Booman Tribune and DailyKos.

After I came home from the hospital, I found a huge outpouring of thoughts and prayers from all over the progressive blogsphere. There were in time, over a hundred messages wishing me well and urging my return to work and good health. But for me it was more than just the words of support. While I was in the hospital, I felt many hearts in this wonderful community come together in Compassion and it filled my heart when I was feeling down.

It is just this sharing of Focused Compassion in action that drew me to Howard Dean's campaign way back in July of 2002. I knew if I put my heart into it, thousands of caring individuals would be doing the same with me, and it was true. While I was singing, Teri was working on the National Nurse Resolution, Linda was putting together a cookbook for the Harkin Steak Fry, Renee and Demitrius were doing graphics, and we were giving it all we could. We became a community, and when we gathered together from across the country and beyond, it was as if were gathered in Dean's living room.

Now in 2006, over the past month or so, the far flung community gathered together to pray for the Court Jester. I just want you all to know that I felt it, it sustained me and I was deeply moved by the outpouring. Click the title and see for yourselves.

May the Love that knows no Comprehension find refuge in your hearts and in your homes forever.



Saturday, October 07, 2006

While I was Away...

On August 30 I was admitted to Staten Island University Hospital for a pancreatic biopsy and a subsequent surgical procedure called a "Whipple." I guess it had something to do with squeezing my Charmin'. Much of what happened to me between the surgery and Sept. 12 is a blur due to heavy sedation, but I'm told I was rather difficult to deal with. The following two weeks was spent conscious and semi sedated, (Morphene is your friend.) my first really sentient recolection being that the TV in my room was tuned to Fox News. So my friends can begin to realize how important Renee's virtual candle was in channeling all your thoughts and prayers.

As Teri, my National Nurse can attest, when you wake up from major surgery, the medical staff likes to get a grasp on how far back to reality you've come on a regular basis. At the beginning of every shift they would ask me if I knew what month or day it was. Most of them would ask if I could name the current President. Folks should know better than to ask Subway a loaded question like that, especially when I'm being held on Morphene under the Mandatory Sedation Act. Here are some examples of these exchanges:

Q. Do you know who the President is?

A. Sure. That's Dick Cheney's sock puppet, um what's his name...?

Q. Do you know who the President is?

A. Oh I know. His father trained Ossama bin Laden... Name rhymes with tush...

Q. Do you know who the President is?

A. You mean that lyin' sack o...

All in good fun, mind you. Which brings me to the topic of the day:


I spent more than three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and got a rare opportunity to watch the half dozen or so nurses who saw to my every need. Thinking of Teri Mills, who had advanced the idea of a National Nurse during the Howard Dean campaign, I saw that these dedicated medical professionals, these Caregivers needed a voice equal to that of the Surgeon General, to oversee this country's vast post doctor treatment delivery systems.

Many of my friends in the politblogs know that I've been a caregiver for nearly 2 decades. During that time I've seen many hundreds of others who care for disabled loved ones at home. Those who do so should be compensated in much the same way as those folks who care for foster children. Such folks are quite rightly treated generously by government because it's very cost effective in the long run to place these children in stable homes. Similarly, in most cases, caring for a disabled relative at home costs far less than having that same person in a nursing facility. Yet the caregiver shares in virtually none of the cost savings and in many cases handles the burdens alone. Imagine a single mom with a disabled pre teen, or the one with two kids and a disabled brother. Many of our veterens will come home to families that will care for their injuries and disability for life. Some wife or husband or parent is struggling tonight between putting food on the table and caregiving.

We need a National Nurse to not only speak as one voice for all the caregivers, professionals and family members alike, to help the states formulate policies that lift these families up. We need a National Nurse to stem our terrible shortage of Nurses. Someone who will reach out to the high schools across the country to encourage young people into the nursing and caregiving professions. Someone who will advocate for better pay and lower stress levels for nurses.

Most of the nurses in ICU worked 12 hour shifts four days a week and here in NY nurses are unionized which is a great place to start. After a while I could see signs of emotional fatigue and caregiver burnout even in these seasoned pros. A National Nurse can work with states to develope policies that address overstressed nursing staffs.

Every surgeon needs a nurse. So does the Surgeon General.

(H/T to Oscar at HEP.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Busby/Bilbray CA 50 Hand Recount: w00t!

Filed by Brad Friedman from San Diego…

In a harshly worded statement, the DNC's Voting Rights Institute has issued a statement condeming the adminstration of the recent U.S. House race between Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray joining a growing national outcry in calling for "a swift and verifiable 'manual count' of all 150,000 ballots cast in California's 50th District's 'bellwether' June 6th special election."

"This is no longer about whether or not Busby or Bilbray won the election on June 6th," the just-issued statement reads, "This is about the importance of verifying the facts related to election and voting machine irregularities in this race and the need to ensure an accurate count of all votes cast in this election so that the electorate may have confidence in the announced results in future elections."

The long-awaited announcement of a position on the matter by the DNC comes at the end of more than a month of outrage from both national and state election integrity organizations, many of whom have declared "No Confidence" in the reported results of the race held to replace jailed Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Bilbray declared himself the winner on election night, and was sworn into office several days later before all votes had been counted and nearly three weeks prior to the election being certified by either state or county officials.

Bush Jokes During Visit to Germany

- President laughs about roast pig, leading the band, and a historic church

STRALSUND, Germany (AP) - President Bush was high on the hog in Germany.

Even before he sat down for dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bush commented again and again on how much he looked forward to the 65-pound wild boar that was on the menu.

"I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig," Bush told Merkel during opening remarks at a news conference Thursday.

One German reporter asked Merkel about violence in the Middle East, then asked Bush for his impressions of the region - aside from the pig. Bush cut Merkel off.

"I haven't seen the pig yet," he said with a chuckle, then apologized to Merkel for interrupting. She said she hoped it was already roasting, with six hours until dinner time.

And when a U.S. reporter asked for a follow-up, Bush seemed disappointed by the topic: Iran.

"I thought you were going to ask me about the pig," he said.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thank You Jane Hamsher

Last night I recieved a rather remarkable gift from Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake. As folks know, whenever I post at the Progressive Blogs, I usually post a link to one of my songs as my personal "message in a bottle." I know some folks are annoyed by this, but one never knows when a funny song or a Love song can catch just one person at just the moment when it's really needed. Last night on my way to bed, I tossed a one liner into a thread about Ned Lamont at FDL and added a link to my Lee Greenwood sendup, as I did at Huffpo, ThinkProgress and Bradblog.

Bradblog, btw is doing some REALLY great work on the Busby/Bilbray CA:50 HAND RECOUNT that will tear the roof off...But I digress...

Literally ready to sign off, I passed by FDL again to see if the Lamont thread was going to be busy. Scrolling down I found that Jane heard the song and had a really good laugh. Good enough apparently that she linked it in the main post.
Now, from my computer, (God Bless Broadband!) I had seen Jane at the YearlyKos, chairing the panel with Joe Wilson and Murray Waas. This married grandfather will testify that Jane Hamsher is SMOKIN'!

So I logged out and went to sleep. It was nice to know that I made such an important person smile. But when I logged back on in the morningI had quite a shock.
Between 11pm and 4am "Goper's Lament" had been downloaded over 1000 times. It seems that for the first time since I posted my podcast, by 11pm tonight, Folks will have downloaded 2 Gigabytes of music from my website in a single day.

Thanks Jane, I'm glad I got the chance to make you laugh.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Podcast Update

I started my Podcast on New year's Eve, and I wanted to let my friends know how it's going.

To begin with, as of today I've had over 40,000 Pageviews. A "pageview" is either an htm page or an audio file. I have transmitted 17.13 Gigabytes of audio content. Together, Goper's Lament and 50 Ways to Dump the Dubya have been downloaded nearly 9000 times.

Thanks to all of the folks who've participated in this project so far. I'm working toward 100,000 downloads each for these two songs by Sept 11 of this year, and I think I'm gonna make it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Mother's Heartache

Empty Boots and Baby Shoes
By Stacy Bannerman
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

I am so tired of standing at memorials for soldiers; tired of weeping for the victims of this war.

I am tired of watching parents plant crosses for their dead children, day after day after godforsaken day.

I am tired of placing flowers in empty boots and baby shoes; of the way my body shakes at the first readings of the names that were added to the casualty count this week.

What's wearing me out is bearing witness to this war. This foreverness of death, and the unrelenting loss.

It drains my spirit to meet the widow's eyes; to watch the fathers falter, falling to their knees. Christ, that makes me weak.

To stand at the lip of the mouth of a grave that will never get enough

catching mothers tears, a nation driving by the dead, is exhausting to my soul.

I am deathly tired today.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

West Point Graduates Against the War

"When people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. After my experience, I have come to hate war." (2)

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity. War settles nothing." (3)

"Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion." (4)

"If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government." (5)

Dwight D. Eisenhower

34th President of the United States


Monday, May 29, 2006

Epilogue To A Love Story

Cross posted at Howard Empowered People

Ascension Sunday.

The Earthly story of John and Mickey Oehlmann came to an end this week, when the maintanance crew came to clear their apartment. I was fortunate to have gotten the word that their family had abandoned the contents of the place, save for an air conditioner, two TVs and a couple of electric reclining chairs.

I arrived about half an hour after the crew, and asked if they'd mind if took a few rememberances, and they said whatever I took was something less for them to carry, and knowing how close we were they were glad to help.

From the moment I stepped inside the apartment, I realized that a rich history was left behind. Things that should have been held for future generations of their family lay in bags waiting to be discarded to the compactor. First I found their wedding album, and many books of family pictures. Then I found all of John's scrapbooks and trophies. Sadly his military medals seem to have been lost to the trashbin before I arrived.

But the real treasure that I've found in the garbage bags was every letter they exchanged during WWII. She had only mentioned them to me once but they were clearly one of her prized possessions. Yet my favorite item so far, even though I'm not a Catholic, was her Rosary beads from her First Communion.

Mickey passed away just before Easter, and I resolved to light a candle for them on the Catholic holiday of the Ascension. When I got on the bus to go to work on Sunday morning, I had a feeling that she was on the bus with me, holding my hand, as if we were going to meet someone. I put the thought out of my mind while I got my coffee and went downstairs to set up.

About 20 minutes later as I was singing, I suddenly found myself holding back some very deep tears, and realized that Mickey and John had been there listening to my performance. They had never heard me before and I felt them dancing just a few feet away from where I was standing.

I got all choked up and had to stop singing while resisting the urge to burst out crying, Then I felt John ask me to play "Their Song."

I took a deep breath and the words came out.

When somebody loves you
It's no good unless he loves you
All the way

I felt them looking into each other's hearts and they slowly began to dance again on the subway platform. I was trembling. The other people on the platform saw me falling apart.

Deeper than the deep blue sea is
That's how deep it goes
When it's real

Then that Love that knows no Comprehension that I always talk about swept over me, and I could almost see them.

Who knows where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say

The song ended and I felt them watching as I played "Mail Order Annie." I could sense they realized that if they stayed longer I'd never get any work done, and would probably end up a shapeless mass in a pool of my own tears. As the train arrived, I felt their love draw near to me as if in farewell. When the train stopped I felt them move toward one of the doors. It opened and they both stepped on, turned to me and waved, and went off with a smile to continue their amazing love story.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day. I am.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

An Open Letter To Kos

I was banned from your site for the comment in the previous thread. Haven't got a clue as to what upset you. There are many intelligent, aware and active people at your blog and I'm sure we'd all like to see a free and fair election in November. It's just not gonna happen, and there are dozens of reasons why that should be painfully obvious to you by now.

If Democrats take control of both houses, as seems likely, they will, in addition having to clean up the mess left by the elephant, have to begin it's long overdue constitutional duty of oversight of the executive and his party. If I were John Conyers, I'd start at the PNAC's need for a "New Pearl Harbor" that fooled the nation into war in Iraq, and just pull on the threads until the sweater unraveled.

In all honesty, do you believe that BushCo would let that happen? Do you think they'd just let the intelligence committee follow the money trail of graft and war profiteering? They didn't want the 9/11 Commission! They have never allowed oversight! Do you think they'd just leave their fate to the whim of a few carloads of rigged voting machines and hacked phone banks?

They couldn't come this far so blatantly if they didn't have a plan. Our lovable furry friend Grover (Norquist) seems to think they'll pull Ossama bin Buggin' out of a spiderhole on Halloween. Now that would toss all the Democratic efforts in the toilet, but at least there would be no violence involved, and the permanent majority that Rove wanted would be firmly in place.

ANY other option that Bush has involves some lame excuse for declaring martial law. Invading Iran would be a great help to him there. Or maybe PNAC already has a sequel to 9/11 in the can.

Any mental health professional will tell you that Bush exhibits the pathology of an abusive spouse, except if he ever hit Laura, he knows he could never go to sleep. As Randi Rhodes often says, we're all wearing the blue dress now. Bush is at the stage now where he needs to teach his bitch a lesson. And who's gonna stop him? Arlen Specter?

So thanks for the troll rating, dude. It's greatly appreciated.

Banned At Daily Kos by Kos

Troll Rated By Kos Himself:

Stop It! Stop It!

There ain't gonna be no freakin' election this year and I'm freakin sick of folks talkin' like there's gonna be one.

Can anyone in the whole freakin' blogsphere give me one single incentive that Bush has to hold an election this year??

Can anyone in this freakin' blogsphere give me 20 reasons why Bush doesn't want an election this year.

Sorry folks, your Democracy has been swallowed by giant frogs that should have been marched on Sept 12.

And no one here has a Plan B.

50 Ways To Dump The Dubya

Love Songs From Ground Zero

by Subway Serenade on Fri May 12, 2006 at 07:40:36 PM PDT

[ Parent ]
* [new] Maybe not a real troll (2+ / 0-)

but sure as heck sounding like one.

by kos on Fri May 12, 2006 at 07:59:56 PM PDT

I'll take that as a badge of honor. Sorry I crashed your Phuquing "Gate."

It don't change the facts. We need a Plan B...

Just in case Bush cancels the election

Goper's Lament (Hard To Be A Republican)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Howard Dean On "This Week"

The Democratic Agenda for Real Change:

"The fact is we want real change in this country. We're going to balance the budget, we're going to have American jobs that stay in America and we're going to have honesty and openness in government again. I think those are pretty important. The next thing we're going to do after that is make sure that everybody has health care in this country. If they can do that in 36 countries around the world, we can do that here in the United States of America...

Ending the Republican Culture of Corruption:

"There is a culture that goes from the White House to the Vice President's office to the leadership of the United States Senate to the leadership of the United States House of Representatives, and in the agencies. Corruption has become a way of life and it has to change. We have to pass real ethics legislation, not the nonsense that was passed last week in the House of Representatives.

"We promise you that within 100 days we will vote on real ethics legislation. It will pass and there will be no more free trips. There will be no more free lunches and there will be no more sticking things in big appropriations bills that give oil companies and HMOs billions and billions of dollars of taxpayers' money in the middle of the night."

On the Bush Administration's Use of Prewar Intelligence:

"I think it's time to stop beating up on the professionals in the CIA. The fact is they did their job. They gave the intelligence to the White House. The White House didn't want to use the intelligence. The intelligence failures that got us into Iraq were not by large in the CIA, they were in the White House. They wouldn't listen to what they were being told by the CIA."

That's why I'm a Deaniac.

Gore/Dean '08

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hard To Be A Republican

Great Image at Firedoglake

...From the words of
Bill O' Reilly,
That I heard on my TV,
From Bob Novak,
And Rush Limbaugh,
It all made sense to me.
Anyone who spoke
Against us,
Was playin'
A dangerous game.
But my Country's become
A laughing stock,
And The GOP's to blame...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Subway's SxSW Review

Love Songs from Ground Zero
The Subway Serenade (on CD)
Contact: David Teller E-mail:
Worth the listen!
More political fun than a White House full of monkeys!
With wit and humor David Teller pokes fun at the foibles of the human condition.
Downloads available at Web-site:

Liberals Hate America?...

New from jc's designs

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where Credit Is Due (From Boston Legal)

When the weapons of mass destruction thing turned out to be not true, I expected the American people to rise up... they didn't.

Then, when the Abu Ghraib torture thing surfaced and it was revealed that our government participated in irendition, a practice where we kidnap people and turn them over to regimes who specialize in torture, I was sure then the American people would be heard from. We stood mute.

Then came the news that we jailed thousands of so-called terrorists suspects, locked them up without the right to a trial or even the right to confront their accusers. Certainly we would never stand for that. We did.

And now it's been discovered the executive branch has been conducting massive, illegal, domestic surveillance on its' own citizens. You and me. And I at least consoled myself that finally, finally, the American people will have had enough. Evidentally we haven't.

In fact, if the people of this country have spoken, the message is we're okay with it all. Torture, warrantless search and seizure, illegal wiretappings, prison without a fair trial or any trial, war on false pretenses. We as a citizenry are apparently not offended.

There are no demonstrations on college campuses. In fact there's no clear indication that young people seem to notice.


She could have protested the old fashioned way, made a placard and demonstrated at a presidential or vice-presidential appearance, but we've lost the right to that as well. The secret service can now declare free speech zones to contain, control and in effect criminalize protest.

Stop for a second and try to fathom that.

At a presidential rally, parade, or appearance, if you have on a supportive t-shirt... you can be there. If you are wearing or carrying something in protest, you can be removed.

This in the United States of America.

This in the United States of America.


What I'm most sick and tired of... is how every time somebody disagrees with how the government is handling things, he/she is labeled UN-AMERICAN.

(Lawyer: Evidentally it's speech time.)

And speech in this country is FREE, you hack! Free for me, free for you.

I object to governments abusing its power to squash the constitutional freedoms of its citizenry. And God forbid anybody challenge it, there smeared as being a heretic.

Melissa Hughes is an American!

Melissa Hughes is an American!

Melissa Hughes is an American!

(Poignant pause)

Last night I went to bed with a book. Not as much fun as a 29yr. old, but the book contained a speech by Adlai Stevenson. The year was 1952, he said,

"The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear breeds repression. Too often, sinister threats to the bill of rights, to freedom of the mind are concealed under the patriotic cloak of anti-communism."

Today, it's the cloak of Anti-Terrorism. Stevenson also remarked, "It's far easier to fight for principles, than to live up to them."

I know we are all afraid, but the bill of rights... we have to live up to that. We simply must.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Valentine Song

Full Snuggle Blues (mp3)


I think about you when I'm workin'
And when I'm on the train.
Girl, the way you wear that lace and satin,
Is gonna drive me insane!
And lately makin' Love with you,
Is all that's on my brain.
Forgive me if I'm happy, darlin',
You know I can't complain.

That negligee you wore last night,
Was one complete surprise.
I loved the way it leaves your shoulders bare,
And drapes across your thighs.
But when you let it fall you nearly,
Brought tears to my eyes!
You're the nearest thing to Heaven,
That I'll know before I die.

But all the soap in Texas,
Can't wash my dirty mind.
When you turn out that bedroom light,
You Love me till I'm blind.
Sometimes I'd like to walk right up,
And slap your sweet behind!
And all the soap in Texas,
Can't wash my dirty mind.

So wrap your arms around me,
And we'll turn the lights down low.
Then I can take your fantasies ,
As far as we can go.
Littlle darlin' what you see in me,
I will never know!
But sometimes you're just too naughty, baby.
That's why I Love you so. (And I'm tellin' you:)

All the soap in Texas,
Can't wash my dirty mind.
When you turn out that bedroom light,
You Love me till I'm blind.
Sometimes I'd like to walk right up,
And slap your sweet behind!
And all the water and soap in Texas,
Can't wash my dirty mind.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Goper's Lament" Update

Just a note to let you know that "Goper's Lament (Hard To Be A Republican)" has been downloaded 124 times since it's release on Jan 27. It's a great start toward 100,000 downloads by Sept 11, 2006! It's time to put PNAC in a PANIC! Download "Goper's Lament" today and pass it on to 5 friends, and 5 Republicans. Come the November Election, if Bush hasn't already declared Martial Law, you'll be glad you did.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Grampa Munster Dies

Al Lewis had a radio show on WBAI here a few years ago, around the time that he ran for Governor to get the Green Party on the ballot. He once related this story on the air, and I'll tell it from memory.

He was booked on a flight to Los Angeles to film the movie version of "Car 54 Where Are You?" When he and his friend got on they were bumped up to first class.

When they took their seats and the plane took off, Al's friend noticed the gentlman in the seat in front of them speaking in a low German accent. As he listened further he realized that the man was none other than Henry Kissenger, talking to a young assistant.

So he turns to Al with a really low excited whisper: "Hey Al. look it's Henry Kissinger."

And Al says in his normal voice: "I know that's Henry Kissinger. Don't you think I know a war criminal when I see one!"

Kissenger's assistant stood up and turned to say something, and Al said. "Sit down, Sonny, I'm not your father."

No more words were exchanged, but Kissinger was flushed red for the remainder of the flight.

Rest In Peace Grampa.

Thanks For The Howardly!

Phil*from*Iowa. wrote on February 3, 2006 08:02 PM:


a HOWARDLY to you for your fearless quest of spreading your music.

Actually that should read "relentless quest for shameless self promotion..."

Thanks again Phil. Here in the deep morning, I'd like to offer some thoughts on this:

Back in 2002, I was heavily promoting my DeanMix CD and folks were concerned that I was just out to sell my music. They missed a larger point I was trying to make, and it cost us.

When I craft my parodies, they are designed to elicit spicific responses. I build the word structures with a result in mind. I field test every song.

So the idea was not to sell a bunch of CDs, but to get those word structures into as many ears as I could in the shortest possible time. It broke my heart that folks didn't seem to understand.

Pardon the burst of ego, but I'm convinced that if "The Vermontster Mash," and "Kerry's Lament" had been used as intended in Iowa by the roots, it could have made a difference. I designed them to demonstrate that the burden of taking our country back becomes lighter when our individual efforts have visible meaning and results. One person making a difference was and still is the defining ideal of the Dean Movement.

So this time I want to be clear. This ain't about me, and it ain't about money. My goal is to reach 100,000 downloads of "Goper's Lament (Hard To BE A Republican)" by September 11 2006. Why?

Because I want every single Republican in this country know that they've made our nation a criminal laughing stock before the whole world. I want every Republican in this country to feel like "Goper's Lament" is a tar and feathering of everything they stand for. I want to gather up the ashes of my friends from the deepest parts of my lungs and spit PNAC right in their traitorous eyes.

The only way to overcome the Black Box Vote is to arrive on election day in such overwhelming numbers that any fraud would be glaring enough for prosecution. And make no mistake, I still believe that this administration is so criminal that it has no intention of ever giving up power. So for me, "Goper's Lament" is my line in the sand.

I intend to use my craft this time to alter a million votes by November. Since it's release on Jan 27, the song has been downloaded 103 times. I have 99,897 to go.

If you knew a song could change a million minds what would you do?

Pass it on.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letter To The Editor

The End of America As We Knew It


Most folks don't realize it, but The United States of America came to an end yesterday. With the elevation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, we will now have a Unitary Executive (Dictator) with unlimitable authority in a time of war without end.

Two stolen elections would be useless to seizing power without a permanant Judiciary to enforce it. Having accomplished this yesterday, Bush needs only a slim pretext for declaring Martial Law to make his coup complete. Perhaps PNAC can come up with a new "new Pearl Harbor" as a sequel to 9/11. Who knows?

But with The Indicted Tabernacle Choir singing soprano to federal prosecutors, I just wouldn't bet on BushCo leaving their legal fate to the whim of a few truckloads of rigged voting machines this November.

David Teller

(David Teller is The Subway Serenade.)

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Nice While It Lasted

The Republic is Dead.

Long Live the King.

The United States of America came to an end today. The land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, has by a single action of the legislature, extinguished a great light unto all nations. It has turned a proud democracy into a sleazy dictatorship, and a laughing stock before the whole world.

Make no mistake. We are now a dictatorship. Having stolen two elections, this traitor needed only the force of the Judiciary to complete his treason.

This Judiciary will rule in favor of this Dictator, saying that this Executive Unit, this traitor has unlimitable powers, both foreign and domestic, in time of war. A war this Dictator declares is without end.

And what is the price of this legislative treachery? Our Public Health, Our Public Lands, Our Public Treasure and the betrayal of our men and women in uniform.

In short, the price of Dictatorship is The Common Good.

Long Live the King.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hard To Be A Republican


"Goper's Lament"

By David Teller

(For best results, save this song to your computer before playing, and please pass it on to your friends.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How To Find God? Do The Math!

When I was in the third grade we were given something called "The New Math." Having little experience with numbers it really didn't seem any different from "The Old Math" which I hadn't really understood either. (Didn't you just hate long division?)

Well folks, there is a new math in town that's even older than The Old Math and I've been studying it's ramifications for the world we live in. It's called "Fractal Geometry" and it shows on a grand scale that God has essentially created a "paint by numbers" universe.

I was first introduced to fractal Geometry by Dan Winter, creator of "Cardiofeedback." His writings on the subject showed me how fractals are the numerical underpinning of the universe and are evident everywhere you look from the sub atomic to the galactic.

Winter's work shows that the human heart is the "Fractal Attractor" that connects physical existence with the "Magnetic Event" that we often refer to as "The Soul." (This will be the subject of my Tuesday post.")

But on the fun side, fractals can be played with and enjoyed. I am currently playing with a toy called Fractal Explorer 2.02 that allows me to create amazing infinite images. I'm even learning how to create short animated fractal movies. For those of you out there with high speed internet, I have found someone in google that has animated fractals that you can download. These are large files, 30+MB but well worth the free price of admission. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From JC's Designs

Al Gore For President

Yesterday I got to see the "New and Improved" Al Gore close up. I watched the speech three times to make sure I wasn't fooling myself. But when he called The People to action, I knew. He's running for President in 2008. Everyone here knows that Howard Dean would be my first choice under any circumstances. But Dean has said, and rightly so, that there would be no sense in him running if the Democratic Party was as dysfunctional as when he assumed the Chairmanship.

Throughout the speech yesterday I found myself saying "Yes, Mr. President." at least half a dozen times. Not because he was saying anything new but, like Dean, Al Gore has become comfortable with the Truth his heart speaks. It saddens me deeply that it it's taken more than five years for a Democrat to say that "The President has repeatedly broken the law." and that such lawbreaking represents "a pattern of indifference." But it's finally been said, and Gore has picked up the standard dropped so badly by Kerry and Edwards.

Although most folks don't realize it, Global climate change is THE issue facing all of humanity. We should have begun what was necessary when Carter was President, and now we have genuine disasters looming on the horizon. I think that Al Gore has a keen grasp of the problem and how dramatic changes in the energy sector could go a long way toward reversing the damage already done. On nearly every other issue, I trust that he would take what went right with the Clinton years and take a new path that would move us toward the twenty first century that this world has long hoped for. But most of all we need a statesman who can articulate that direction, one who knows how to seize his moment in history. I think Al Gore did this yesterday.

When this Statesman finally puts words to his de facto announcement of candidacy yesterday, I believe his running mate will be none other than the man whose leadership takes back both houses of Congress this year.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome To Cyberspace Annamay

I have a new friend that I met quite by chance. And I figured I'd coax her into finding out that there's more to the internet than just email. Like simply acknowledging to the universe the joy of accidental friendships.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello Folks!

Just a drive by to say hi. I am now learning "podcasting" from the ground up, as I attempt to put together a weekly show while learning the art of Radio from the ground up.

One drawback of production is that my internet software has to be turned off while working. The upside of it all is that I'm taking a crash course on audio production from the comfort of my living room.

My first Podcast made all of my recorded music available in this new medium, so that others can use it in their shows if they like. But as I learn how to drive this thing I'll be developing a "Morning Gnus" thingie, and making content from this Community available.

ALso, my new hit "Goper's Lament" will be released next week. ConSec calls it "An Anthem for the 2006 Election."

(It made Puddle smile)

Driving off now...L8R.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Grok Box Rocks

Sixties' icon Dr. Timothy Leary predicted shortly
before his passing that one day someone would
create a computerized device that could teach
people how to see God. As it turns out he was
probably right. The concept seemed simple enough.
If you could align your brainwaves to the frequency
of Love, you could unlock the pan-dimensional
capabilities of the human consciousness and achieve
the "Oneness" described in Scripture, or "grok" as
they say in science fiction.

As one who well remembers when "Virtual Reality"
came in sugar cubes, and who recalls the research
in the early 1970's into primitive "Biofeedback"
technology, I was intrigued with Leary's prediction.
Perhaps someone was working on such a "Grok Box."
So in the spring of 1997 I began my search for the
latest information on what I've come to call "Astral
Technology." What I found, surprisingly was a field
that was much further along than I had imagined. for
example, Dr. Andrew Junker of Brain Actuated
Technologies, was pioneering computer interfaces for
the disabled. His "Brain fingers" device boasts several
"Hands Free" computer games that encourage biofeed-
back interaction.

Other people were expanding the boundaries of Phi
Music, Microtone Brainwave Generators, and Fractal
Animation. And an emerging consensus seemed to
indicate that transcendent consciousness can be achieved
simply through the subtle manipulation of certain
internal harmonics.

The big breakthrough came on July 4 1997 with the
invention of what was then called "The Heart link
Interface." Its creator, Dan Winter worked on the long
held notion that the human heart is the"Primary
Harmonic Oscillator" of the body. Meaning that the
heart was in fact,a complex musical instrument that
could theoretically be"tuned' like any other.The two
questions to be answered were,"What happens in the
heart when we feel Compassionate Love?" and "Can
this feeling measured? The answer to the first question
is a bit complex.

Under normal circumstances, the heart "sings" at many
harmonic frequencies at the same time. However these
frequencies become focused and begin to converge much
like a whirlpool as compassion grows, and these
harmonic waves begin to spin at a specific harmonic
base note of .618hz or PHI. During times of more
analytical tthought,the ratio becomes 1.6, which is still
a ratio of PHI.

The important thing to note here is that when using the
Interface,(Now called "The Heart Tuner") you can see
your heart's harmonics represented on a screen much like
an ekg in a doctor's office. So if you can learn to touch
the point where compassion begins, it becomes easier to

Many people in the medical community are stressing the
benefits of something called "Heart Rate Variability"
(HRV) which simply put is the ability of the heart to sing
at the full range of it's musical instrumentation.
Apparently as we age,the range of the heart's "voice"

Imagine a piano whose notes at each end of the keyboard
begin to fade with age. So where a child's heart may have
an eight octave range, a middle aged person may be
down to 6 octaves or less. Medical research has shown a
direct link between the harmonic range of the heart and
overall health.So one benefit of Cardiofeedback
technology is that it"teaches" HRV in real time.

Yet the ultimate benefit of Cardiofeedback is that two
people using the same device can teach their hearts to
"sing" in unison at the exact harmonic frequency of
Compassionate Love. This same capacity can be
expanded to include millions of people in a simple "chat"
environment. So, now that we have the technology
available for the task, my question at this point is:

How many hearts, singing The Bliss Harmonic in
unison like a global choir, would it take for
Compassionate Love to achieve the "critical mass"
necessary for human ascension?

Are you ready to Grok?