Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello Folks!

Just a drive by to say hi. I am now learning "podcasting" from the ground up, as I attempt to put together a weekly show while learning the art of Radio from the ground up.

One drawback of production is that my internet software has to be turned off while working. The upside of it all is that I'm taking a crash course on audio production from the comfort of my living room.

My first Podcast made all of my recorded music available in this new medium, so that others can use it in their shows if they like. But as I learn how to drive this thing I'll be developing a "Morning Gnus" thingie, and making content from this Community available.

ALso, my new hit "Goper's Lament" will be released next week. ConSec calls it "An Anthem for the 2006 Election."

(It made Puddle smile)

Driving off now...L8R.

1 comment:

Thankful said...

Subway - really look forward to the "Morning Gnus" thingie, as well as hearing the new song.

~ ♥'s ~ to ya.