Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Harmonic Spiral

The color/frequency chart, shown here begins at 252hz, ascending and descending to infinity. The video picks up that same spiral at 17hz. There appears to be a harmonic link between the analytical mind and the intuitive heart that hovers between 7.5 and 9hz. It's fun to watch. I use this peak to help increase amplitude (Coherence), shown on the left in my videos

The human heart possesses a low frequency intelligence which is distinct from that of the brain. The heart really does have a mind of its own. Note the right hand graph in this video linked above, as the heart dances to the music. Then imagine the colors of each peak radiating in a sphere some 15 feet in all directions. If there is in fact One Heart, it's on the phone and eager to communicate...

Monday, June 01, 2015

A Demonstration of Interactive Biofeedback At Last!

I've been talking about the concept of Spiritual Awakening on a global scale, and the technology necessary to make it manifest. Folks here have seen the videos of my heart's magnetic field dancing to music. Now watch how Coherence can be entrained in a group setting with computer precision.

The video is actually a high tech market survey to test reactions to stimulus. However the same technology can be applied proactively in group meditation. When the wrist bands glow in the same color, there is consensus, and a magnetic corridor is opened to Oneness...

Friday, April 03, 2015

The Shift Just Hit The Fan

Hearts are intelligent. They communicate with each other at very low frequencies in a way which, until recently could not be measured or studied. So this low frequency communication took place in similar fashion, to face to face, whispered conversations that went mostly unnoticed by our conscious minds.

This has changed, and these heart to heart, low frequency whispers are already starting to be exchanged via electronic devices, (iPhones) and are becoming actual conversations and real time "conference calls." Most folks have no idea that this is even possible.

Humanity has spent a good deal of money in recent times, searching for intelligent life in outer space. Now an Inner Space intelligence beckons us all.

Shift just got real... 

The Heart Flame app for iOs is the next generation of the Heart Tuner Gizmo that I use in my research!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Heart Ballet Dancing.

The way the heart dances in this song is so beautiful and elegant, almost ballet like. Am I the only one seeing the awareness here? The precision? I hadn't really noticed it before, however, I'm seriously beginning to think there's some kind of language going on that may be decipherable. But when thousands of hearts start dancing together like this in a feedback environment, the whole world changes...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Listen To My Heart

As my heart listens to "Listen To My Heart," is it singing along as it dances? You'll Love this inspiring display of Heart Intelligence. Please like and share. Our hearts can heal this world!...