Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Fractal Heartbeat of Community

It took 34 years, but this week my dream of a lifetime came true. Back before even ConSec was born, I hoped this time would arrive with all my heart, and at last it has arrived.

Back in 1973 a friend of mine stopped by with something called a 'Bio-feedback' unit. It was slightly larger than what was then a portable cassette player with wires and electrodes connected. The concept behind it was that in meditation, your brain produces Alpha waves that promote relaxation. So while hooked up to the electrodes, if your brain produced an Alpha wave the device would register it with a 'click.'

After spendng a half hour hooked up to this new thingie, I made it click 4 times, and I said to my friend, "Rather than making the machine clicks when you produce the right wave, you'll need to eventually have a unit that teaches you how to 'click' it. And when that happens you'll have Heaven on Earth."

The unit I spoke of way back then, is arriving in the mail from The Netherlands in a couple of weeks with complete instructions on how to operate it even in a clinical setting. Right now, I feel like I've been accepted into the Jedi Academy or the Green Lantern Corps.

Frankly I owe it in large measure to the Progressive Community that opened their hearts with prayers and kind words last August, in what was probably my darkest hour.

Thank you one and all.

Here are some Sunday music samples from Yaatri


Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Brokeback Mountain of Lies

My questions about 9/11 haven't been answered yet. Have yours?

Courtesy Of Radio Sri Chinmoy

When I perform in the subway, people often approach me and ask, "Why don't you sing about Jesus?" So I turn them around and have them look at the people on the platform. There's a beautiful Muslim family passing by. A few yards away, a Hasidic man is talking to his wife. A lesbian couple I know walks past and waves and their young son says he saw me on tv. Each time a train leaves, the platform fills again with all different kinds of people who quite frankly don't need to be preached at by the likes of me, The Worlds Best Sinner.

What could I possibly say to a Muslim or Jew or B'hai that would turn them to Jesus anyway? How could I possibly say it in the space between trains? Why would I want to intrude on such personal matters in public?

But I have a secret.

My work over the past 20 odd years has been a ministry. You see, I'm not kidding when I say that Love Is God. Christians I say this to call it a syntax error, but I know better. Ever since I touched the Love that Knows no Comprehension (or when the Radiant Is touched me) it occasionally pours itself into me like a waterfall and I'm forced to give it away in tiny thimbles called "songs." It's a maddening task that seems to be never ending, but it seems if I stop I'll drown in Love. So I pour a thimble or two on a few hundred hearts, knowing that in most cases, folks won't realize what I did to them until after they've left the station. Over time, I've built an underground Cathedral where music helps to heal the investment banker, the school teacher, the immigrant laborer, the Christian, the Muslim, the old Spanish Catholic lady who loves Julio Iglesias...

Today I'd like to present some beautiful music written by Sri Chinmoy, performed by musicians from Russia. Folks who think like Pat Robertson think Sri Chinmoy is going to hell for not accepting Christ as his personal savior, so I figured I'd give him some props while he's still around. You can download the entire album here, or if you dialup, you can download individual tracks here.

Music reaches into places in the heart where words cannot reach.



Monday, February 05, 2007


Message to Republican campaign contributers: Please waste your money on the Fascist pictured above. His candidacy is going nowhere. You may think he was America's mayor, but NOBODY likes him. He brought his mistress home to Gracie Mansion WHEN HIS WIFE AND KIDS WERE THERE! He wears Bernard Kerik around his neck like a millstone.

Rudy Guiliani ruled this town like a petty, mean spirited dictator. Imagine Dick Cheney on steroids. But I digress...

My Country is headed in a different direction. The people have spoken, and the days of Neocon Goperism are coming to an end. The American People have come to take their country back.

So pour your millions down this black hearted rat hole, Republicans. At least Democrats will treat you better when you're homeless. I'll stop ranting before I say what I really feel...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jock Cooper's "Fractal Recursions"

There are 29 Fractal Animations at Jock Cooper's website available for free download. If you download all of them to your computer, then "select all" and play in your favorite media player, as I did this week, you will enjoy an enormous treasure of mind blowing digital artistry. I know it's a little work for a Sunday Morning, but it will be well worth the effort.

(Hint: Best viewed in "Full Screen" mode.)