Thursday, March 05, 2009

Heart Tuner Video 7: Awesome Bursts!

I can't show you what these awesome Polarity Bursts felt like, but showing you when they happened should give you an idea. Using the Heart Tuner since the 2/3/09 software update, has been a thrilling experience.

When I first started using this Gizmo, I told my friends that the human body emits an electromagnetic field. It turns out instead, that an electromagnetic field emits the human body.

Think about that.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Heart Tuner Video 6: Long Distance Call?

A month ago, this Coherence Burst sequence would have overloaded the program the moment it started. It was also a Polarity Burst. Once again the audio failed, but the full video of this session records 17 Coherence/Polarity Bursts lasting a total of 57 seconds. Note the final burst where I attempt to dial a long distance call.