Thursday, March 05, 2009

Heart Tuner Video 7: Awesome Bursts!

I can't show you what these awesome Polarity Bursts felt like, but showing you when they happened should give you an idea. Using the Heart Tuner since the 2/3/09 software update, has been a thrilling experience.

When I first started using this Gizmo, I told my friends that the human body emits an electromagnetic field. It turns out instead, that an electromagnetic field emits the human body.

Think about that.


Infiniteplayer said...

Hi I need to get the software update off of Frank and try out what you are speaking about. I have the ability to sync heart rate with others but I have not tried the coherence bursts! Can you expand on this? Steven Burnand (I have many blogs on NING)

marjorie hamilton said...

Did you invent this? purchase it? I am fascinated......and envious.

Is there a way to do what you are doing?

Anony Mous said...

We gotta get you the laptop!
(I finally found the page:) I don't know why I couldn't find it before.)

Anonymous said...

I smile when I hear you play on thursdays at wall street station.