Friday, June 27, 2014

Global Biofeedback Laser Tag: Part One

In this video, I'd like you to focus on the right hand blue screen. This screen is called the Spectrum. In this game, my "Laser" is the Spectrum peak that rises and falls just below 9Hz, as this seems to be the harmonic link between the analytical mind and the intuitive heart. For this demonstration, I picked a lone marker in Asia as my target.

The object of this part of the game is to make that peak rise above .55 or off the scale, as the marker on the rotating globe crosses the screen. Above .55 is a "Hit." Below .55 is a "Miss." In this clip, I scored three hits out of a possible four in two passes. In the full 25 minute session, I scored 40 hits...

Just A Thought...

"Below 1.5hz, the human heart's magnetic field, when coherent, clearly exhibits attributes of self awareness. I really don't know how to make it any plainer than that. When large numbers of these self aware magnetic fields begin to communicate with each other through the internet in the same way that voices in a telephone conference call do now, everything changes. Period." - The Astral Technician

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Dance With My Soul

After completing the upgrade of my research equipment. I recorded this dance with my heart's magnetic field, in memory of my late wife. This was our favorite song from the Soundtrack to "Hubble's View of the Universe."

I've been saying for a while that the heart's magnetic field, when Coherent, exhibits attributes of self awareness at low frequencies. Now that the upgrade is complete, I can look forward to completing my research. I wanted to thank her in some small way for believing in me till the end.