Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heart Radio

Imagine that you're driving in your car listening to your favorite music from your favorite radio station. If you live in a major city, thousands of people are listening to the same song you are and all of your hearts are beating to the rhythm of the music. Your brainwaves are also keeping time. As the songs change, so do your internal rhythms. I demonstrated this principle at the mini DeanFest in Vermont earlier this year.

Now, if you didn't have a radio, you wouldn't be able to hear the music. Songs of all sorts, from every station would be passing through you unnoticed, and your internal rhythms would be going their own merry way.

However, those who hear the music share a bond, a focal point that has all of the hearts dancing to the same tune, even though they don't realize it. I have found in practical terms that not only do the internal systems receive waves and react to them, but we also broadcast waves of our own to which others react. We are in fact, exchanging waves of various sorts all the time. Not only that, but we and everything around us are just a series of complex, but simply ordered waveforms.

Today I was thinking of how so much of the world seems to be listening to some radio station that plays nothing but Rush Limbaugh droning on and on. Yet we don't realize that a really beautiful music station is just a few stations up the dial. What if Peace on Earth were made possible simply by having enough connected hearts reaching up and changing the channel?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving food for thought.

Many people across the country today will be having their Thanksgiving dinner at thousands of locations that serve meals to the poor and homeless. But this would be largely unnecessary if our priorities were a little different.

From the Washington Post:

Food banks are a dominant institution in this country, and they assert their power at the local and state levels by commanding the attention of people of good will who want to address hunger. Their ability to attract volunteers and to raise money approaches that of major hospitals and universities. While none of this is inherently wrong, it does distract the public and policymakers from the task of harnessing the political will needed to end hunger in the United States.

The risk is that the multibillion-dollar system of food banking has become such a pervasive force in the anti-hunger world, and so tied to its donors and its volunteers, that it cannot step back and ask if this is the best way to end hunger, food insecurity and their root cause, poverty.

During my tenure in Hartford, I often wondered what would happen if the collective energy that went into soliciting and distributing food were put into ending hunger and poverty instead. Surely it would have a sizable impact if 3,000 Hartford-area volunteers, led by some of Connecticut's most privileged and respected citizens, showed up one day at the state legislature, demanding enough resources to end hunger and poverty. Multiply those volunteers by three or four -- the number of volunteers in the state's other food banks and hundreds of emergency food sites -- and you would have enough people to dismantle the Connecticut state capitol brick by brick. Put all the emergency food volunteers and staff and board members from across the country on buses to Washington, to tell Congress to mandate a living wage, health care for all and adequate employment and child-care programs, and you would have a convoy that might stretch from New York City to our nation's capital.

But what we have done instead is to continue down a road that never comes to an end. Like transportation planners who add more lanes to already clogged highways, we add more space to our food banks in the futile hope of relieving the congestion.

We know hunger's cause -- poverty. We know its solution -- end poverty. Let this Thanksgiving remind us of that task.

Something to think about as we give thanks for the harvest.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Recently, we lost the designation of Pluto as a planet in our solar system. We have also seen the loss of thousands of hyphens from our dictionaries. Today, I see that the War on Christmas has claimed yet another casualty to political correctness and the Liberal Media.

SYDNEY (AFP) - Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.

Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Please don't allow this world say "HA!" to Christmas!

Click my "Donation Button" today, while there's still time, and help me to "Save the HOs!"

Thank You.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Howard Dean: Right again.

When Howard Dean spoke at DemocracyFest one of the things he spoke of at length about was how the Democratic National Committee was reaching out to find common ground among evangelical and other Christian groups. He made the point that these folks are moving away from the hard right positions of "God, Guns and Gays," and moving toward issues of the occupation of Iraq, poverty, social justice and environmental stewardship. Dean said that there is much common ground that can be explored in the next election cycle.

Last night I found this in the New York Times:

The extraordinary evangelical love affair with Bush has ended, for many, in heartbreak over the Iraq war and what they see as his meager domestic accomplishments. That disappointment, in turn, has sharpened latent divisions within the evangelical world — over the evangelical alliance with the Republican Party, among approaches to ministry and theology, and between the generations.
Meanwhile, a younger generation of evangelical pastors — including the widely emulated preachers Rick Warren and Bill Hybels — are pushing the movement and its theology in new directions. However conceived, though, the result is a new interest in public policies that address problems of peace, health and poverty — problems, unlike abortion and same-sex marriage, where left and right compete to present the best answers.

The backlash on the right against Bush and the war has emboldened some previously circumspect evangelical leaders to criticize the leadership of the Christian conservative political movement. “The quickness to arms, the quickness to invade, I think that caused a kind of desertion of what has been known as the Christian right,” Hybels, whose Willow Creek Association now includes 12,000 churches, told me over the summer. “People who might be called progressive evangelicals or centrist evangelicals are one stirring away from a real awakening.”

This ten page article in the Sunday Magazine offers much to consider as progressives try to find common ground with a constituency that was led astray by wolves in sheep's clothing (Fallwell, Dobson et al) that for far too long has held sway over the public presentation and perception of American Christianity.

“There was a time when evangelical churches were becoming largely and almost exclusively the Republican Party at prayer,” said Marvin Olasky, the editor of the evangelical magazine World and an informal adviser to George W. Bush when he was governor. “To some extent — we have to see how much — the Republicans have blown it. That opportunity to lock up that constituency has vanished. The ball now really is in the Democrats’ court.”


Friday, October 26, 2007

Dem Leaders: Stand up or step down!

Help Oppose Telecom Amnesty

The first step is to make sure retroactive immunity doesn't make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- where it will be considered shortly.

If we can get it stripped there, it will have to be offered as an amendment to the overall bill where it will be a lot easier to get 41 votes against retroactive immunity than 41 to sustain my filibuster if necessary.

Take a moment and call up members of the Judiciary Committee and ask them whether they will oppose any legislation that includes retroactive immunity. Let us know what they said, and join others in tracking our progress in stopping the provision in the Committee.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Howardly Award to Chris Dodd

Thank you for standing up for the Constiution by putting a hold on the FISA bill that would grant immunity to Telecommunication companies for illegal wiretapping.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sex Addiction in Christian Women on the...um...Rise

(via Pam's House Blend:)

There is a crisis brewing in the Church: a growing epidemic of sexual addiction among women. A new book from Pure Life Ministries by authors Steve and Kathy Gallagher, Create in Me a Pure Heart, explores the scope of the problem and provides biblical answers for the church and the struggling woman.

For twenty-two years, Kathy Gallagher has been helping women cope with their husbands' addiction to pornography, strip clubs and prostitutes. Now she is responding to a growing number of women addicted to porn, chat rooms and online sex. "Thirty years ago," remarks Gallagher, "you never would have thought that the woman sitting next to you in Sunday school might be viewing porn. But with the growth of the Internet, the gap between what men and women do in secret has been drastically reduced."

According to Nielsen NetRatings, nearly one-third of the visitors to adult websites are female. Today's Christian Woman reported that 34 percent of their online newsletter readers admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn. Women are also twice as likely as men to visit online chat rooms, according to Internet Filter Review.

My first instinct, empath that I am, was "What can I do to help these poor sex addicted Christian women?" The answer was simple:

I will develop a "Twelve Shtup Program." If any of you good women need my help, please don't hesitate to ask. My better two thirds has often praised the way I "Drill the Fear of God" into her, so I will do my best to relieve your overwhelming burdens.

Frankly, she's been looking for a way to put me out to stud. This could solve a multitude of problems...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gizmo is for Lovers

My wife, Jackie is in a lot of pain most of the time, so although I've been experimenting with Gizmo since about mid April, the time was never quite right for her to play the Butterfly Game with me until about two weeks ago, and again this past Thursday. Each session lasted about a half an hour because it's hard for her to stay in one position for longer than that.

In the first session, we started during the second half of 'our' favorite movie, "The Quiet Man." The second half hour, last week, we listened to selections from Rod Stewart's "Great American Song Book." I have to say that the results of those two sessions were astounding.

I have often talked about the moments when Lovers feel like two halves of the same person. Jackie and I have felt that way quite often over the years, but while playing Gizmo, we were taken to a whole new level. As the butterflies grew closer together, and finally touched, a tangible electrical field enveloped us. The intensity of this gentle electrical field grew as our hearts maintained and sustained identical frequencies, and was most intense at .6HZ, the frequency most associated with Oneness and Empathy.

Jackie knows almost nothing about computers, and even less about the theory behind how Gizmo works, but as we were surrounded by this electricity, tears of Love were streaming down our faces. We are looking forward to our next sessions, but Jackie has become busy taking care of the new kittens, and they have become a distraction for her. So it may be another week or so before we can try it again.

My instinct tells me that there is great potential for healing in that electrical field. In nearly 24 years together, I don't think we've ever experienced anything like it. Just imagine the difference between a flashlight and a laser and you'll begin to understand what happened.

We were totally amazed.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Maharishi Effect

The Maharishi Effect is the phenomenon of the rise of coherence in the collective consciousness of any community. Scientific research has clearly demonstrated that when one per cent of the population of a city or town practices Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme, the crime rate significantly decreases. Similarly, when groups of individuals practicing Maharishi’s TM-Sidhi programme with Yogic Flying equal at least the square root of one per cent of a population, there is a significant reduction of crime and accidents, as well as an increase in stock prices, decreased pollution, decreased unemployment, and decreased hostilities between nations.

When I first signed on with The Heart Coherence Team, I was wondering how we were going to get 10% of the world's population hooked up to Gizmo. That's about 700 million units, and a daunting task for any relatively unknown corporate venture, and an impossibly lofty goal for a humble street musician. However, the square root of 1% of Earth's population is about 7000. Now THAT'S a manageable short term goal!

One of the things that Gizmo does, is it quantifies the meditation process in individual and group settings. Meditation produces internal coherence and, according to scientific studies of the Maharishi Effect, also tends bring coherence to surrounding systems, including the collective consciousness. Excerpt:

Just as a radio transmitter can create waves in the electromagnetic field, individuals constantly create influences on all parts of creation simply because consciousness permeates every aspect of the material universe. To illustrate, if a stone is thrown into a pond, waves are produced that travel throughout the pond. Each wave produces some effect in every part of the pond. Similarly, the wave of individual life, through its activity, produces an influence in all parts of the cosmos.

On the basis of this same principle, the direct experience of self-referral consciousness influences every aspect of the universe, enlivening it with the perfect order and harmony inherent within self-referral consciousness. For this reason, groups of individuals can create very powerful effects in the environment...through their self-referral practice, they enliven every aspect of the universe by stimulating its most fundamental constituent, consciousness, and they especially enliven the collective consciousness of the city or province or nation in which they are located.

I found this Iowa experiment very interesting:

Another researcher found in 1990 that a significant decline in crime rate, traffic fatality rate, and unemployment (also combined in an index) in the state of Iowa, USA, as a result of the coherence creating group at Maharishi International University (p’s < .05 for each variable). This researcher employed Box-Jenkins time series transfer function analysis of the effect of group size on quality of life.

Effects on National Life

A number of studies have demonstrated significant effects on the quality of life in an entire nation from a coherence creating group. These include decreased crime and accident rates in Holland during three intervention periods (all p’s < .025); increase in the British stock market index (1983); using Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis, researchers in the U.S.A. found a decrease (p = .005) in traffic fatalities when a coherence creating group in Iowa exceeded the square root of one per cent of the nation’s population (1984).

So over the course of a still undetermined amount of time, "Team Gizmo" will place 7000 units worldwide and gather them into the Global Heartlink. (We are currently at about the square root of 1% of the population of Holland.) My guess is that along the way we will be conducting experiments in what the focused intent of a group is capable of in real time. That should be fascinating!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A gathering of the Gizmos

This week I begin a new challenge. I will attempt to locate all of the Gizmos in the world and do a follow up on what is currently being done with them. Starting with their Yahoo User Group, and then seeking further information from the inventor. I want to seek out individual stories, but I also want to locate folks who are using Gizmo in clinical research, and gather their work into a database that all the users can learn from.

From there, I'll begin to gather those who own these units into the Harmonic Module chat room to conduct real time experiments on linking hearts in various locations around the world.A member of the team named Marc will be tweaking the Module controls (which make my eyes glaze over) so that there will be push button sign up similar to Yahoo Messenger, and he's even talking about adding a "Second Life" type of game platform in the future.

This all should keep me busy well into October, as I prepare for my final Holiday Extravaganza. My life is changing so quickly, and I'm really looking forward to what's on the other side of the changes.


Friday, September 14, 2007

John Edwards my second choice

Most folks know that my Dream Ticket for 2008 is Al Gore and Howard Dean. However if that doesn't happen, I could get behind the candidacy of John Edwards very easily, as evidenced to his reaction to Bush's speech tonight.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

From my favorite book

Chapter 40

Jesus teaches the magians. Explains the Silence and how to enter it. Kaspar extols the wisdom of Jesus. Jesus teaches in the groves of Cyrus.

1. Now, in the early morning Jesus came again to teach and heal. A light not comprehended shown about, as though some mighty spirit overshadowed him.
2. A magus noted this and asked him privately to tell from whence his wisdom came, and what the meaning of the light.
3. And Jesus said, There is a Silence where the soul may meet its God, and there the fount of wisdom is, and all who enter are immersed in light, and filled with wisdom, love and power.
4. The magus said, Tell me about this Silence and this light, that I may go and there abide.
5. And Jesus said, The Silence is not circumscribed; is not a place closed in with wall, or rocky steeps, nor guarded by the sword of man.
6. Men carry with them all the time the secret place where they might meet their God.
7. It matters not where men abide, on mountain top, in deepest vale, in marts of trade, or in the quiet home; they may at once, at any time, fling wide the door, and find the Silence, find the house of God; it is within the soul.
8. One may not be so much disturbed by noise of business, and the words and thoughts of men if he goes all alone into the valley or the mountain pass.
9. And when life's heavy load is pressing hard, it is far better to go out and seek a quiet place to pray and meditate.
10. The Silence is the kingdom of the soul which is not seen by human eyes.
11. When in the Silence, phantom forms mat flit before the mind; but they are all subservient to the will; the master soul may speak and they are gone.
12. If you would find this Silence of the soul you must yourself prepare the way. None but the pure in heart may enter here.
13. And you must lay aside all tenseness of the mind, all business cares, all fears, all doubts and troubled thoughts.
14. Your human will must be absorbed by the divine; then you will come into a consciousness of holiness.
15. You are in the Holy Place, and you will see upon a living shrine the candle of the Lord aflame.
16. And when you see it burning there, look deep into the temple of your brain, and you will see it all aglow.
17. In every part, from head to foot. are candles all in place, just waiting to be lighted by the flaming torch of love.
18. And when you see the candles all aflame, just look, and you will see, with eyes of soul, the waters of the fount of wisdom rushing on; and you may drink, and there abide.
19. And then the curtains part, and you are in the Holiest of All, where rests the Arc of God, whose covering is the Mercy Seat.
20. Fear not to lift the sacred board; the Tables of the Law are in the Ark concealed.
21. Take them and read them well; for they contain all precepts and commands that men will ever need.
22. And in the Ark, the magic wand of prophecy lies waiting for your hand; it is the key to all the hidden meanings of the present, future, past.
23. And then, behold, the manna there, the hidden bread of life; and he who eats shall never die.
24. The cherubim have guarded well for every soul this treasure box, and whosoever will enter in and find his own.
25. Now Kaspar heard the Hebrew master speak and he exclaimed, Behold, the wisdom of the gods has come to men!
26. And Jesus went his way, and in the sacred groves of Cyrus, where the multitudes were met, he taught and healed the sick.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Global Heartlink Project

As I've said before in previous threads, Gizmo allows to hearts to "Phase Lock" when their respective butterflies are touching on the screen. What this means is that when you see the butterflies touch, an electrical field is opened up between the two people, and their hearts 'beat as one.'

Gizmo's most important feature is called the "Harmonic Module." (pictured above) It allows people in remote locations worldwide to link hearts in a 'chat room' type of environment. This is huge because it quantifies the idea of global meditation.

In my limited experience with Gizmo, I've been able to link hearts with others in a way that I can feel even when the other people I've linked with are far away. This is because when our butterflies touched we seemed to identify each other's 'stillpoints' in much the same way that I can tell one chord from another as I position my fingers on the frets of my guitar.

The fact that this can be applied to an unlimited number of hearts on a global scale in real time, to me, is amazing because folks can now quantify an empathic heart connection as if it were a telephone call.

I've always felt that the only reason we've been unable to establish Heaven on Earth, meaning our physical evolution to what Jesus called "Son of Man" (homo infinitis) is that we had to find a way where we could all go together, in spite of individual belief systems that tend to divide one from another. A Christian in California can link hearts with a dozen Hindus in Delhi and the theological differences between them evaporate in the waves of Compassion they share through the link.

Prayer, after all is a focusing of the heart so that one can draw upon Universal Love. So I'm working toward the day when millions of people worldwide from every walk of life, can link hearts in Compassion just by playing a simple video game together.

Weapons of mass Compassion.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Brain Defrag

The Bliss Tuner is amazing. Although except for a couple of brief instances of Brain Fire, the feeling of your hair standing on end, there is no 'instant euphoria' to be had here if that's what you're looking for. But there is a reason for this.

It's just like a computer that hasn't been defragmented in two years in the memory or the registry. It will run at a painfully slow pace. It could actually take several hours to defrag the memory and the registry and bring it back up to speed.

Touching the circles to the sticks is like defraging your brain. You can't hold the circles on the sticks the first time you try it, but after 3 or four sessions the circles can stay on the sticks for 10 or 12 seconds.

So it's knowing that each time the circle touches the stick you are 'eating charge' and knowing that it has cumulative effects that keeps the game interesting so the defrag can continue.

Like a piano that is badly out of tune, you have to start with one string, but when you hear the sound of 5 stings all in tune, you know that progress is being made.

Plus when you're consciously attracting charge the day just seems to go a little better.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

OMG, Have We Arrived?

From the Washington Post

Democrats appeared to be on the run, disorganized and demoralized. But outside of Washington there was hope. Grass-roots Democratic activists had seen the future of our politics in Howard Dean -- plain-spoken and unapologetic. His presidential candidacy had come up short, but its fresh, optimistic approach -- predicated on offering clear contrasts between the two parties -- was poised to redefine the party.

Dean was elected chairman of the Democratic Party despite predictions of electoral doom by the usual suspects in Washington, including the Democratic Leadership Council. In the House, Democrats chose Nancy Pelosi to lead them over current DLC Chairman Harold Ford, who warned of disaster if Pelosi won. Calling her a "throwback" who practiced a "destructive and obstructive" style of politics, Ford proclaimed, "I don't think Nancy Pelosi's kind of politics is what's needed right now." Today, Nancy Pelosi is the first female speaker of the House.

I remember "The Wizard of Oz" well. After getting through the flying monkeys, we had to fight through fields of opiates, then when we finally got into the Emerald City we were told by those living in opulence inside that we would have to fight the evil outside, which for all we knew could have been caused by those ordering us to fight.

Oh, and we had to fight the evil unarmed and unprotected.

But then we vanquish the evil and return to the castle, only to find that those who ordered us to fight were themselves buffoons, and their leader was in fact, a very bad wizard who tries to buy off his embarrassment with trinkets and paper, leaving the big question entirely unanswered.

"When do we go home?"

And the answer is so simple, Glenda is surprised we didn't figure it out for ourselves.

They who rule have said that we have no brains, no heart, no nerve and that we'll never go home again. That we have nothing to look forward to than war and toil and death.

That's what The American People, and the Peoples of the World are waking up from. There IS no place like home and we will have it.

...And we will make it new again.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

There's no need to fear...

The Bush Crime Syndicate has this nation and the world over a barrel. The awful results of two stolen elections in the most powerful country on Earth are hard to undo, especially when it seems the Congress we elected to stop the madness keeps finding ways of giving BushCo everything it wants at the worst possible times.

Really, how much does it take to figure out that this administration has abused the power it's already stolen? Why would they be handing it more power, more money, and more trust when all we get in return is more lies, misery and death?

Bush is holding our troops hostage in Iraq. He's looting the treasury for his friends and making a mockery of everything this Nation is supposed to stand for.

The time has come for a true hero to emerge. One who will swoop down and deal with these criminals and their enablers. A hero who will be fearless in the face of mind numbing banality. A hero who will be strong even as our leaders cower in fear. Where is this hero who will save the day? Who is this Underdog?

Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog,
It's just little old us. The American People.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Something So Right

Some people never say the words "I Love You."
It's not their style to be so bold.
Some people never say the words "I Love You,"
But like a child, they're longing to be told. -Paul Simon

A couple of weeks ago I said that we are Love's imagined Lover. It can be hard to imagine that Love desired to Love and be Loved so deeply that, in a burst of unfathomable Force and Wisdom, multiplied itself by itself and, by simply adding the speed of Light, created all the universes that exist from scratch.

Love is patient. Love waited billions of years as here on Earth, and probably many other places Life emerged and became self aware, and here we are, together. Love and Beloved.

Over the past few weeks I've discovered that I resist being Loved. This, to me, was a profound revelation. Most times I consider myself as having too much Love as it is. Huge self storage warehouses of the stuff that I have to give away in thimbles as fast as I can to keep from drowning in it. I'll tell you right now, it's not easy being the happiest man on Earth.

Yesterday, the revelation hit me very simply. I was walking up the hill to the bus stop and a friend offered me a cup of coffee, which I politely refused. As I continued on, I began to realize that although I've rarely had trouble giving compassion or caring, I seem to lack the inner mechanism to RECEIVE.

Renee posted the Prayer of St Francis a few days ago. "It is in giving that we receive."

So often it seems in daily life that all we do is give. That's not a bad thing. It's meant to be joyous and uplifting. Love, after all needs to be Loved. So when we give Compassion and caring for one another, we are Loving the Love that imagined us.

Sometimes however, Love needs to Love you back. Sometimes Love needs to seduce YOU. Sometimes Love needs to show you its open heart and say " I may be Eternal and Omnipotent and all that, but it's really comforting to know that your shoulder is there for me to lean on whenever I need it."

This is a community of compassionate, caring and giving people. So my message here today, is "Be as open to receiving Love as you are in giving it away."

May the Love that knows no comprehension find refuge in your hearts and in your homes forever.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Religion Post Gizmo

(photo from Blatte's Fractals)

Over the past few days I've been thinking of what Religion will look like in the future when Entheogenic technologies will redefine humankind's relationship with Nature's Eternity. So much of commercial religion these days seems to focus on what divides us.

It is said that Buddhists, for example, don't believe in God. This is true in the sense that Christians envision someone sitting on a throne somewhere in "Heaven." This is not to say that they don't believe in Eternity, they just don't attach a human like entity to it.

It is also said that Hindus believe in many gods. This is also a misconception. In Hinduism, Brahma is God the One, but in essence God is a Trinity: Brahma, the Generator, Visnu, the Operator and Shiva, the Destroyer. However, one thing in common with the Great Faiths of the world, is they recognize that we are all part of an Eternal process that seems to know where it's going regardless of our place in it. All proclaim Love to be the highest value.

We stand in this time on a great threshold, similar in many respects to when our ancient ancestors began using the Entheogenic plants that grow throughout the world, and began laying the foundations of Civilizations through the power of their expanded minds.

A huge Awakening on a Planetary scale is happening around us.
I look forward to the day when every house of worship is filled with folk who are fully aware of their Eternal Selves, and where Religion flourishes in focused Compassion , Justice and Mercy. I'll say it again. Heaven on Earth is merely a global change in perspective, and that change is happening, all around us, now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Let's put on a show!"

In my post last Sunday, I said that we had 'willed ourselves into existence' and realized that it might seem arrogant to some folks. So I wanted to take the time to explain what I meant by that.

I've asked many practicing Christians what the word "Eternal" means. They all offer variations of "without end." Yet when I point out to them that "Eternal" also means "without BEGINNING" they seem confused. If you have a beginning, there will come a time when you will have an end. But if you have 'Eternal Life' it means that you were a living entity before you entered your present body. Your body is a costume you wear as in a play on a stage.

This means that our life essence begins in a place where even our sub atomic particles are too coarse. When you get a haircut, your hair remains on the floor when you leave. When you clip your fingernails, the nails are gone, but you are still alive. So it is with the body.

So if we already have eternal life, what is it that Christ is actually offering? Eternal Love, if we'll have it. I've begun the crying phase of my studies. I say that Gizmo can teach you how to see God (Know Love In-Phi-Knit) but it's up to the user how much Love they can handle. I think most compassionate people have touched their eternal selves at various times in their lives. It might happen in a blink of an eye, but when it does, you're filled with a very intense feeling that's almost unbearable in its beauty and simplicity, that your first reaction is "STOP!"...

...and it does, and you try top get it back again, but that wonderful feeling has receded to wherever it came from. Gizmo will help you find that well of Love, that Stillpoint, but you have to decide how much of that higher Love you can stand without becoming a shapeless mass in a puddle of your own tears.

Lately, I've been having intense bursts of empathy when I see people hurting. The silliest love songs on the radio send tears streaming down my face. Sometimes now I even have to fight back tears while singing at work. Start a conversation with your own heart and you'll find it has a lot to say, and none of it's in English!

The inventor says these intense rushes of emotion are releases of the chemical reactions of emotions stored in the tissues of the body over the course of your life, and your heart knows where every one of them are. Releasing these emotions is the purification process that opens the heart to it's natural bliss. Setting those emotions free is a process, but at least Gizmo allows you to proceed at your own pace.

So as Eternal beings, who are we and what are we like in the place where even quarks won't fit? Can we bridge the gap between who we seem to be and who we REALLY are? Can we move from "My God can beat up your God" to "We are ONE HUMANITY in the Spirit?"

Will we ever Love one another as Love has Loved us?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

New York Times Epiphany

...And it only took them 5 years to figure it out.
(Registration Required.)

Robert Kennedy Jr @ Live Earth

The Secret

I just finished watching a film called "The Secret." It's essentially designed to look mysterious like "The Celestine Prophecy" or "The Da Vinci Code." but it's essentially a self help primer for Eternal Beings. It has all the fun of "Think and Grow Rich" and at times feels like a lecture by Dr. Phil. For all it's flash it really doesn't offer anything new. Except...

It essentially starts from the premise that we ARE Eternal beings by nature, and that we need to teach our children this. But they don't present the nuts and bolts of their process until near the end of the film. The Secret, is the energy field or 'charge' created by focused intent.

The entire film confirmed for the viewer what Gizmo was designed to quantify, and I would be surprised in anyone featured or involved in the film had ever considered Bliss Entrainment as a possibility on a mass scale. Yet every one of those who contributed, even that guy who wrote "Chicken Soup of the Soul" spoke of a coming transformation and wonderous times ahead if we can give this wisdom to our children and grandchildren.

If you've ever been to a self help seminar, or learned a structured meditation, much of what "The Secret" has to offer won't be much of anything new. We are all individual expressions of a unified energy field and the way to manipulate the field for your benefit is through positive focused intent.

What I took away from the film, other than the fact that Gizmo is an integral technology for teaching focused intent on a global scale, was that progressives should stop talking so much about the things we oppose and focus on the positive aspects of the struggle. Don't be 'against' a certain candidate. Be 'for' his opponent. 'Anti-war rallies' should be called 'peace marches' because when you are against something, there has to be an equal and opposite push back.

In other words they are calling for a change in the language of the mind. If you see something you don't like, rather than saying 'I don't like that,' try finding a thought about it that doesn't focus on the negative.

My favorite part, near the end was when FINALLY one of these self help thingies finally recognized that our BEING begins at the sub atomic level and that we have consciously willed ourselves into physical existence. As Shakespear wrote, "All the world's a stage."

It was nice to see a film that joyously presents such a fundamental Truth.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Never a D'uh Moment

It doesn't take a street musician to figure this shit out, folks:

The pResident CANNOT pardon or otherwise commute the sentence of a person convicted of a crime in which the pResident himself was PERSONALLY INVOLVED!


Impeach the son of a bitch!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Howard Dean On Commuting

“Once again President Bush and the GOP have undermined a core American value: equal justice under the law for every American. By commuting this sentence, President Bush is sending a clear message that the rules don’t apply to the Bush White House or loyal Republican cronies. After promising that anyone who violated the law would be 'taken care of,' President Bush instead handed Scooter Libby a get out of jail free card. Though Libby was convicted by a jury of lying about a matter of national security, President Bush is sparing him the consequences ordinary Americans would face. This conviction was the first moment of justice in a Bush Administration void of accountability. It’s a sad day for America when the President once again puts protecting his friends ahead of equal justice under the law.”

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Worth a Thousand Words

David Stevenson sent this pic from the Saturday show at DemFest. It's a shame most of the crowd left before the entertainment started. There was some really good music, and really bad improv, but it was fun and I felt sad for those who came from far away to perform to so many empty chairs that night.

My main performance was to be at the Blogger's Breakfast, so I got my shot at the larger crowd, and my chance to sing a memorial to Edwin and jc. Howard liked my Gore/Dean T shirt and he signed one of my cds. I got to play Gizmo with Thankful, Denise and Mainefem, and for three wonderful days, all was right with the world.

After what I've been through this past week, it's nice to look back and remember time spent with longtime friends.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love Is God

Love is God

One of my heros, Pete Townsend turned his fans on to the wisdom of Meher Baba. I had one of his poems in my wallet for years, but when I looked for it today it was gone. So I'm left with giving you the jist of his words. It amazes me how the ancient wisdom, handed down through the generations, applys to our new sciences.

God is Love and Love must Love.
But Love is One, Infinite and perfect,
And has naught to Love
But itself.

So Love must imagine a Lover to Love...

Back in the 70's I read a Hindu story of Krishna Lila.

It seems there were a group of devout women called 'Gopis.' Their hearts so were filled with the Love of the Love, that they cried day and night in yearning so deep that Krishna's Heart was broken and he came down and gave each Gopi her own personal Krishna.

Then there's this Jesus fella.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see Love."

Eternal Love is something we all carry around. We are Love's imagined Lover. Our Love is as timeless as the Lover that imagined it.

Something to think about.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm not the only person who cares for a disabled loved one at home, but sometimes it feels that way. As I read about the wounded veterens returning from two failing wars, my heart breaks for those family members who were just getting by and now have lifetime responsibilities dealing former soldiers with brain injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, or other conditions that will prevent them from having a normal life themselves with those who love them.

Folks here know that I'm rarely away from home for more than a few hours at a time. In fact, if my wife's daughter hadn't agreed to spend the weekend at our place, I'd never be able to do something like DemFest. I also have a unique form of therapy for myself for when the stresses of caregiving overwhelm me. I can take my guitar into the subway and scream at the world for a couple of hours, and this has kept me balanced through the years.

I've heard about the ways that our veterens are being screwed nine ways to Sunday by the greedy cowards that sent them off to fight their war crime. Men and women who have sacrificed so much are being screwed out of their rightful benefits. They return home and for many, their middle class existence is a thing of the past and a wife or husband, parent or sibling is now faced with the double hardship of caring for a severely disabled person at home and trying to keep the roof over their heads, or their children in school.

If only this great nation could provide for these caregivers with the same benefits we afford to foster parents, we could lift some of the burdens that they bear, and even help to keep these families in tact. The cost to the system for home care by a family member is far less than care in a nursing facility, and far less than that of sending someone from an agency. A way should be found to share the cost saving with the overstressed, burned out and forgotten people who are in fact on the frontlines for those who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Friday, May 18, 2007

H/T Time Magazine

Jackie "Mom's" Mabley used to say that you should never say anything about someone who died, unless you can say something good.

Well, Jerry Fallwell's Dead.


(Doesn't the Bible say something about being judged by our "Fruits?")

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Planting a Seed

Back in 2003, someone had an idea for a get together called "DEANSTOCK," which was billed as "Three days of music, fun and Howard Dean." This crazy idea later morphed into DemocracyFest, and although I didn't get to the first one, this year I'm going, and I'll be performing at The Blogger's Breakfast.

Last night I ordered the T shirt pictured above for the event and I hope that it will plant a seed in the minds of the party activists: Put these two men in the White House for eight years and America has the chance to reclaim it's rightful place in the 21st Century.

That would be a Deaniac dream come true.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Influence Peddling

Many years ago, around the time I started performing in the subway, I began an experiment to see if I was able to have any effect. After all, I was playing music in one of the the world's great cities, and thousands of diverse people from all over the world were hearing me every day. In fact, a fellow performer noted to me once that just performing three hours a day downstairs, one could easily be heard by a million people a year.

When I heard this I began to see this street music thing as something that could make a difference. To test my theory, I would close each set when the trains arrived by saying "Have a wonderful day." Several years later, Dan Rather was saying it at the end of his nightly newscast. I have no way of knowing how the phrase made it that far up the food chain, but I was floored when I heard him say it.

My work often has me in diverse parts of New York City. From the financial district of Wall Street, to as far North as East 96th St in Manhattan, and as far south as Park Slope and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. Prior to 9/11 I performed at least once a week at Prince St in Soho. Many times over the years folks have come up to me and declared that my performance 'made their day' or that I had sung their favorite song just when they needed to hear it.

I'll probably never know the extent of the influence I've had on my audiences over the years. However, while playing with my new Gizmo this week, I discovered that the heart adjusts its rhythms to the tempo of whatever music a person is listening to. I've probably known this on some instinctual level all along, but it was fascinating to see it proven right here on my computer screen, and it affected how I view the work I do. For now I know that just by singing Love songs I've changed the rhythms of millions of hearts from all around the world, if even for a couple of minutes.

When Pope John Paul II visited here and said mass in Central Park, he quoted St. Augustine when he said, "To sing once is to pray twice."

To quote Dan Rather quoting me, "Have a wonderful day!"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gizmo, Whizbang and Me: Week 1

I've learned a lot this week in my studies, and I'm going to try to relate it on a personal level without it sounding like a commercial. I have called my new gizmo the "Bliss-O-Matic" and there is no point in recommending it until such a purpose is realized. Yet this is a journey of self discovery and it seems fitting that I chart my progress.

During the past eight days, I've not been able to play the game as much as I would have liked, and I've been slowly trying to adjust my schedule so that I could have more time at it. I've been hooked up to the game controller for a total of two hours, and frankly it's kinda like using a HAM Radio to contact someone speaking another language.

I have never been good at things like Transcendental Meditation, because whenever I'd try to quiet my mind through the use of the mantra, it would be flooded with the most obscure thoughts. Just when I thought I was making progress at finding that inner stillness, I'd hear that small voice:

"Did you lock the door?" "Remember that day with your cousin when you were a kid?"


Geez, no wonder folks have to sit in caves for years just to try to turn the mind off long enough for the heart to provide any kind of insight. So the first thing I learned about playing the game was that watching and concentrating on the butterfly on the screen tended to be the mind distraction that I needed. I've learned to simply follow the butterfly as it moves. In this way I can let my heart guide my meditation as if it were my own private Guru, and in just a short time I was beginning to feel the subtle changes that begin when I 'follow my heart,' so to speak.

This week, I've been concentrating on what the inventor calls "Harmonic Inclusiveness." I've learned to follow the peaks on the graph and how to increase the peaks when they occur. It is said that as you increase the height of the peaks, you are opening yourself up, so that the same harmonic frequencies can enter from outside of yourself, creating a kind of vortex of concentric waves folding in on each other.

Yet probably the most profound thing that happened this week, was that as I was out doing my normal routines, I was slowly becoming aware of the peaks that I see on the screen, even when I'm not playing the game, and I can also feel myself trying to increase them.

This is what the inventor calls "Recursion" or "Self Referencing," and it will be the focus of my studies in the coming week.

One more thing: I typed this post while hooked up to the game and in spite of the movement of my hands, the program continued to display a 'clean' reading. I'm impressed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Well, of all the time I've had my gizmo up and functioning, I've spent about 3 dedicated hours with the electrodes on and looking at the screens. The most important of which is the "Internal Coherence" measurement that powers the 'Butterfly Game.'

The game is based on the premise that the harmonics of the heart tend to rest in one of three emotional ratios. The Ratio in the area of .6hz on the scale indicates touch receptiveness. This is the frequency that one gets when experiencing a hug, for example.

At the other end of the emotional scale is 1.16hz. When your harmonics are rested here you are said to be more 'concept inclusive' and less 'touchy-feely.'

In the center of these is .8hz. Resting your harmonics here is said to indicate a 'peaceful balence' between the others.

The first object of the game is to find out where your harmonics naturally are on the graph, and after a few moments mine rested at about .7hz, with the peak moving up and down to indicate the overall strength of the signal. The first thing that I learned from this is that if you see a subtle emotional peak coming on you can try to catch and increase the peak, like a wave in virtually real time. This was quite a revelation.

The second part of the game is where the wellness training starts. I was amazed that my .6hz peaks were almost off the scale, and I feel really good about that. But the second point of the game is not only to learn to move the butterfly up and down at your favorite resting place, but also how to move the the butterfly from left (.6hz) to right (1.6hz). The ability to move left/right is what the medical community calls Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and is widely recognized as a remarkable indicator of overall health.

So it seems as I begin my studies in earnest, as I learn HRV I will also be learning to turn Compassion into Concept.

Finally, as you can see in the picture, two people can play this game at the same time, and when the their butterflies touch, their hearts are singing in unison.

I find this all fascinating.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Amazing Alex Grey

There is a very special museum space here in New York City called The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. It presents the mind of a unique artist named Alex Grey. As I wait to open my research next weekend, I invite you to explore this amazing website.



Saturday, March 31, 2007

Obama Gropes Hillary

This recently released AP photo shows the Presidential Candidate from Ill Noise seizing the right breast of the clearly enthralled Candidate form Liebermanville at an unknown event.

While both of their campaings are trying to distance themselves from the encounter, sources close to Hillary's camp have quoted her as saying, "Once you Barak, you'll never go back!"

Saturday, March 24, 2007


My Power Battery ...um... Dharshanitron... um... Bliss-O-Matic ...um ...Heart Tuner arrived on Friday evening (batteries not included) and I have sent away for the authorization codes which should arrive Monday Morning. The wrist and head bands which the manufacturer forgot to include will be here in a few days.

So this is the first update of my new journey. Having gone through the instruction manuals, I've concluded, and the inventor seems to concur, that Heaven on Earth is going to simply be a change in perspective from mind based thought, to heart based coherent emotion. It sounds really simple when all that needs to be done is to teach the children (and adults) how to find their inner "EUREKA!" (and learn to sustain it)

Imagine if you will, an EKG machine in your doctor's office that is so sensitive that it can not only tell when you smile, (by reading the harmonic frequency) but how deep the feeling was that caused the smile in the first place (by reading the amplitude of the frequency).

On Monday, when I get to open the programs for the first time while hooked up to the pre-amp, I'm going to try this simple experiment:

I'm starting by listening to two distinct pieces of my favorite music through headphones. One piece is very romantic and usually brings me close to tears whenever I listen to it. The second will be selections from a concert by The Who on "The King Biscuit Flower Hour" from 1973. I get a distinct rush whenever I hear Keith Moon on the drums that is quite different from the compassion rush I get listening to love songs.

I have no doubt that the gizmo will record the differences in harmonic frequencies between the two feelings. My experiment will be repeating the process to see if I can conciously increase the peaks of the rushes, like a surfer trying to catch just the right curl of an incoming wave.

Beyond this initial experiment, just learning to use the software will be interesting. I have to learn all of the readings of the main screen for my clinical studies. Then there's the Heart Music Synthesizer, six cardio-feedback games and something that teaches a breathing method that helps the heart re-learn to sing at it's full harmonic range. Not to mention music that replaces missing harmonics in the heart, lost to depression or despair...

Once upon a time I was an ocean
But now I'm a mountain range
Something unstop-able
Set into motion
Nothing is different
But everything is changed.
-Paul Simon-


Thursday, March 15, 2007

White Powder Mailed To Edwards HQ

Kinda Says It All, Ya Think?

WASHINGTON, NYTimes March 14 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton foresees a “remaining military as well as political mission” in Iraq, and says that if elected president, she would keep a reduced but significant military force there to fight Al Qaeda, deter Iranian aggression, protect the Kurds and possibly support the Iraqi military.
Gee, and I thought we were liberating Iraq so that they could be a free and sovereign nation, capable of standing on their own and taking their rightful place in the world. I thought we went into Afghanistan to catch Ossama bin Buggin'. War without end for oil? I think they should all drive out to Phuqem Mall and have a big frosty mug of STFU.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tacoma Police Gas Peaceful Protesters

America the Beautiful? As if The People aren't pissed off enough by that pack of war criminals in the White House, now police in riot gear are gassing our neighbors for refusing to put up with this war crime any longer.

Ya really don't want to make gentle people angry. It foments violent revolution.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vermont Votes To Impeach!

"We the people have the power -- and the responsibility -- to remove executives who transgress not just the law, but the rule of law.

The oaths that the President and Vice President take binds them to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." The failure to do so forms a sound basis for articles of impeachment.

The President and Vice President have failed to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" in the following ways:

1. They have manipulated intelligence and misled the country to justify an immoral, unjust, and unnecessary preemptive war in Iraq.

2. They have directed the government to engage in domestic spying without warrants, in direct contravention of U.S. law.

3. They have conspired to commit the torture of prisoners, in violation of the Federal Torture Act and the Geneva Convention.

4. They have ordered the indefinite detention without legal counsel, without charges and without the opportunity to appear before a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention -- all in violation of U.S. law and the Bill of Rights.

When strong evidence exists of the most serious crimes, we must use impeachment -- or lose the ability of the legislative branch to compel the executive branch to obey the law.

George Bush has led our country to a constitutional crisis, and it is our responsibility to remove him from office."

-The People of Vermont-

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Merry Fitzmas to All!

In all their deeds
Spin spin spin
There is a Treason
Spin spin spin
And assigned
to when they usurp us

Sunday, March 04, 2007


You saw it here first.


Demitrius saw this and added:

Who put the "Rock" in Barak-arack-arack?
Who put the "Bam" in Obama-lama-ding-dong."


Update II: Hillary's campaign responds...