Sunday, August 12, 2007

OMG, Have We Arrived?

From the Washington Post

Democrats appeared to be on the run, disorganized and demoralized. But outside of Washington there was hope. Grass-roots Democratic activists had seen the future of our politics in Howard Dean -- plain-spoken and unapologetic. His presidential candidacy had come up short, but its fresh, optimistic approach -- predicated on offering clear contrasts between the two parties -- was poised to redefine the party.

Dean was elected chairman of the Democratic Party despite predictions of electoral doom by the usual suspects in Washington, including the Democratic Leadership Council. In the House, Democrats chose Nancy Pelosi to lead them over current DLC Chairman Harold Ford, who warned of disaster if Pelosi won. Calling her a "throwback" who practiced a "destructive and obstructive" style of politics, Ford proclaimed, "I don't think Nancy Pelosi's kind of politics is what's needed right now." Today, Nancy Pelosi is the first female speaker of the House.

I remember "The Wizard of Oz" well. After getting through the flying monkeys, we had to fight through fields of opiates, then when we finally got into the Emerald City we were told by those living in opulence inside that we would have to fight the evil outside, which for all we knew could have been caused by those ordering us to fight.

Oh, and we had to fight the evil unarmed and unprotected.

But then we vanquish the evil and return to the castle, only to find that those who ordered us to fight were themselves buffoons, and their leader was in fact, a very bad wizard who tries to buy off his embarrassment with trinkets and paper, leaving the big question entirely unanswered.

"When do we go home?"

And the answer is so simple, Glenda is surprised we didn't figure it out for ourselves.

They who rule have said that we have no brains, no heart, no nerve and that we'll never go home again. That we have nothing to look forward to than war and toil and death.

That's what The American People, and the Peoples of the World are waking up from. There IS no place like home and we will have it.

...And we will make it new again.


Bob McKo said...

the madness of king george, right?

Anonymous said...

There IS no place like home and we will have it. ...

and we need no ruby slippers being tapped together 3 times.