Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here it is in a nutshell. The electricity in your body dances to music. It actually LIKES to dance. Go figure. If you make the conscious choice to learn the dance, your electricity starts teaching you stuff, like how to consciously form a Coherent Wave. Then you start learning how to "Burst." This is the process of objectively finding where your inner "WOW!" is. I've published a record of the entire process as I head to the next level of the game that I'm developing using the Heart Tuner platform.

Literature and Scripture throughout time have pointed to something Eternal within us. It seems to me that lots of folks experience what is called "Oneness." The most familiar example I can use is when Lovers feel like two halves of the same person. This experience is called "Phase Conjugation." When it happens the electromagnetic fields of the Lovers are resonating in either unison or harmony. The Heart Tuner Gizmo displays this phase conjugation or Oneness or WOW as it happens.

When Oneness becomes teachable and widely sharable over the internet, it will be The End of Civilization As We Know It...

...and that's a good thing.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Where is "WOW!?"

Imagine a video game that teaches you where your inner "WOW!" is. In this 7 minute span, can you see where the "WOW!" happens, and how long it lasts?

Each peak above 100% feels like a small burst of insight. Then there's the big "WOW!" that goes off the chart. If you can graph it, you can also teach it with objectively verifiable results, and apply it on a global scale.