Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sex Addiction in Christian Women on

(via Pam's House Blend:)

There is a crisis brewing in the Church: a growing epidemic of sexual addiction among women. A new book from Pure Life Ministries by authors Steve and Kathy Gallagher, Create in Me a Pure Heart, explores the scope of the problem and provides biblical answers for the church and the struggling woman.

For twenty-two years, Kathy Gallagher has been helping women cope with their husbands' addiction to pornography, strip clubs and prostitutes. Now she is responding to a growing number of women addicted to porn, chat rooms and online sex. "Thirty years ago," remarks Gallagher, "you never would have thought that the woman sitting next to you in Sunday school might be viewing porn. But with the growth of the Internet, the gap between what men and women do in secret has been drastically reduced."

According to Nielsen NetRatings, nearly one-third of the visitors to adult websites are female. Today's Christian Woman reported that 34 percent of their online newsletter readers admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn. Women are also twice as likely as men to visit online chat rooms, according to Internet Filter Review.

My first instinct, empath that I am, was "What can I do to help these poor sex addicted Christian women?" The answer was simple:

I will develop a "Twelve Shtup Program." If any of you good women need my help, please don't hesitate to ask. My better two thirds has often praised the way I "Drill the Fear of God" into her, so I will do my best to relieve your overwhelming burdens.

Frankly, she's been looking for a way to put me out to stud. This could solve a multitude of problems...

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