Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Let's put on a show!"

In my post last Sunday, I said that we had 'willed ourselves into existence' and realized that it might seem arrogant to some folks. So I wanted to take the time to explain what I meant by that.

I've asked many practicing Christians what the word "Eternal" means. They all offer variations of "without end." Yet when I point out to them that "Eternal" also means "without BEGINNING" they seem confused. If you have a beginning, there will come a time when you will have an end. But if you have 'Eternal Life' it means that you were a living entity before you entered your present body. Your body is a costume you wear as in a play on a stage.

This means that our life essence begins in a place where even our sub atomic particles are too coarse. When you get a haircut, your hair remains on the floor when you leave. When you clip your fingernails, the nails are gone, but you are still alive. So it is with the body.

So if we already have eternal life, what is it that Christ is actually offering? Eternal Love, if we'll have it. I've begun the crying phase of my studies. I say that Gizmo can teach you how to see God (Know Love In-Phi-Knit) but it's up to the user how much Love they can handle. I think most compassionate people have touched their eternal selves at various times in their lives. It might happen in a blink of an eye, but when it does, you're filled with a very intense feeling that's almost unbearable in its beauty and simplicity, that your first reaction is "STOP!"...

...and it does, and you try top get it back again, but that wonderful feeling has receded to wherever it came from. Gizmo will help you find that well of Love, that Stillpoint, but you have to decide how much of that higher Love you can stand without becoming a shapeless mass in a puddle of your own tears.

Lately, I've been having intense bursts of empathy when I see people hurting. The silliest love songs on the radio send tears streaming down my face. Sometimes now I even have to fight back tears while singing at work. Start a conversation with your own heart and you'll find it has a lot to say, and none of it's in English!

The inventor says these intense rushes of emotion are releases of the chemical reactions of emotions stored in the tissues of the body over the course of your life, and your heart knows where every one of them are. Releasing these emotions is the purification process that opens the heart to it's natural bliss. Setting those emotions free is a process, but at least Gizmo allows you to proceed at your own pace.

So as Eternal beings, who are we and what are we like in the place where even quarks won't fit? Can we bridge the gap between who we seem to be and who we REALLY are? Can we move from "My God can beat up your God" to "We are ONE HUMANITY in the Spirit?"

Will we ever Love one another as Love has Loved us?

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