Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Grok Box Rocks

Sixties' icon Dr. Timothy Leary predicted shortly
before his passing that one day someone would
create a computerized device that could teach
people how to see God. As it turns out he was
probably right. The concept seemed simple enough.
If you could align your brainwaves to the frequency
of Love, you could unlock the pan-dimensional
capabilities of the human consciousness and achieve
the "Oneness" described in Scripture, or "grok" as
they say in science fiction.

As one who well remembers when "Virtual Reality"
came in sugar cubes, and who recalls the research
in the early 1970's into primitive "Biofeedback"
technology, I was intrigued with Leary's prediction.
Perhaps someone was working on such a "Grok Box."
So in the spring of 1997 I began my search for the
latest information on what I've come to call "Astral
Technology." What I found, surprisingly was a field
that was much further along than I had imagined. for
example, Dr. Andrew Junker of Brain Actuated
Technologies, was pioneering computer interfaces for
the disabled. His "Brain fingers" device boasts several
"Hands Free" computer games that encourage biofeed-
back interaction.

Other people were expanding the boundaries of Phi
Music, Microtone Brainwave Generators, and Fractal
Animation. And an emerging consensus seemed to
indicate that transcendent consciousness can be achieved
simply through the subtle manipulation of certain
internal harmonics.

The big breakthrough came on July 4 1997 with the
invention of what was then called "The Heart link
Interface." Its creator, Dan Winter worked on the long
held notion that the human heart is the"Primary
Harmonic Oscillator" of the body. Meaning that the
heart was in fact,a complex musical instrument that
could theoretically be"tuned' like any other.The two
questions to be answered were,"What happens in the
heart when we feel Compassionate Love?" and "Can
this feeling measured? The answer to the first question
is a bit complex.

Under normal circumstances, the heart "sings" at many
harmonic frequencies at the same time. However these
frequencies become focused and begin to converge much
like a whirlpool as compassion grows, and these
harmonic waves begin to spin at a specific harmonic
base note of .618hz or PHI. During times of more
analytical tthought,the ratio becomes 1.6, which is still
a ratio of PHI.

The important thing to note here is that when using the
Interface,(Now called "The Heart Tuner") you can see
your heart's harmonics represented on a screen much like
an ekg in a doctor's office. So if you can learn to touch
the point where compassion begins, it becomes easier to

Many people in the medical community are stressing the
benefits of something called "Heart Rate Variability"
(HRV) which simply put is the ability of the heart to sing
at the full range of it's musical instrumentation.
Apparently as we age,the range of the heart's "voice"

Imagine a piano whose notes at each end of the keyboard
begin to fade with age. So where a child's heart may have
an eight octave range, a middle aged person may be
down to 6 octaves or less. Medical research has shown a
direct link between the harmonic range of the heart and
overall health.So one benefit of Cardiofeedback
technology is that it"teaches" HRV in real time.

Yet the ultimate benefit of Cardiofeedback is that two
people using the same device can teach their hearts to
"sing" in unison at the exact harmonic frequency of
Compassionate Love. This same capacity can be
expanded to include millions of people in a simple "chat"
environment. So, now that we have the technology
available for the task, my question at this point is:

How many hearts, singing The Bliss Harmonic in
unison like a global choir, would it take for
Compassionate Love to achieve the "critical mass"
necessary for human ascension?

Are you ready to Grok?


Anonymous said...

Today, for the first time I clicked the link to your blog, after seeing it many, many times in your posts to the Huffington Post. I won't elaborate but this has been a day of amazing, rather hair-raising synchronicities for me, and well, well, well, here is your post about heart music, heart harmonics, and heart synchronization. I was trained to work with patients referred for biofeedback training in the early 70s and I actually met Elmer and Alyce Green many, many years ago. (And about those sugar cubes, well...crystalline magic) Well, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ( : for this amazing post. I am going to share it with a couple of friends and follow the links. Thank you for making my day.

xanadian said...

What Price Consciousness?

I believe in the concepts behind things like harmonics, biofeedback, binaural entrainment, etc... and I would like to give this product a try. But it seems to me that the common man might have a hard time rationalizing spending over 1500 Euros/dollars for this (the "pro" edition anyway, which includes some hardware and a CD). This piece of equipment seems more in the reach of the 'elite' IMHO. I can't help but wonder if it costs $1500-plus because of the need to recoup funding from R&D, because of manufacturing, because they have to pay off organized crime bosses, because it ISN'T really meant for "home use" (i.e., this website is supposed to be catering to clinics, holistic healers, wellness centers, etc), or what. If it were solely the equipment we were talking about, then maybe I could rationalize $1500 for this product. But the "pro" upgrade CD (if you buy the "lite" version) costs almost 900 Euros. A 900 Euro CD? I don't think it costs 900 Euros/dollars to burn a CD, but what do I know?

The Subway Serenade said...

I'm glad you brought this up, xanadian. I think what needs to be considered here is that these are new technologies and the main subject, The Heart Tuner is clearly not a consumer electronics device at this time, unless you can afford things like the car on the right and large plasme screen TVs.

At the time the tuner is mainly a research tool, used in therapy and other such settings.

However what makes this these technologies amazing is that they will eventually make their way into things like a Play Station 5.

You also have to consider economies of scale. The price of a single unit may be personally prohibitive, and when one is manufacturing a few dozen units at a time, each one will sell at a premium.

But sooner or later someone will realize that these units should be produced and sold by the millions, and the price will fall within the range of the general market.

New technologies need time to catch on. But I don't think folks will have to wait too long...

Matt Janovic said...

Yep, until it's affordable, no-dice. I think Pythagoras had similar theories on the structures of music and their relationship to mathematics. All said, I think there are many routes to altered states-of-consciousness. Simply being a visual artist with a modicum of creativity can achieve this. It will be interesting to see the effect when these technologies penetrate our lives.

R2K said...

Ill buy one.

The Subway Serenade said...


I personally think that those who can afford this technology and realize it's potential should certainly purchase it. Once a person learns how to use it, they can show others.

When I can actually afford one, I intend to take 3 months to master it and then I'm going to show it to the doctors at the Heart Center at my local hospital.

valerie said...

to be clear the vast majority of the cost of all versions is the hardware, the 2 ch hi gain EU approved preamp for eeg or ekg (which item alone sells for about 2000 from manufacturer.. )..
much fun info about system:


dan winter