Sunday, June 24, 2007

Worth a Thousand Words

David Stevenson sent this pic from the Saturday show at DemFest. It's a shame most of the crowd left before the entertainment started. There was some really good music, and really bad improv, but it was fun and I felt sad for those who came from far away to perform to so many empty chairs that night.

My main performance was to be at the Blogger's Breakfast, so I got my shot at the larger crowd, and my chance to sing a memorial to Edwin and jc. Howard liked my Gore/Dean T shirt and he signed one of my cds. I got to play Gizmo with Thankful, Denise and Mainefem, and for three wonderful days, all was right with the world.

After what I've been through this past week, it's nice to look back and remember time spent with longtime friends.

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