Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letter To The Editor

The End of America As We Knew It


Most folks don't realize it, but The United States of America came to an end yesterday. With the elevation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, we will now have a Unitary Executive (Dictator) with unlimitable authority in a time of war without end.

Two stolen elections would be useless to seizing power without a permanant Judiciary to enforce it. Having accomplished this yesterday, Bush needs only a slim pretext for declaring Martial Law to make his coup complete. Perhaps PNAC can come up with a new "new Pearl Harbor" as a sequel to 9/11. Who knows?

But with The Indicted Tabernacle Choir singing soprano to federal prosecutors, I just wouldn't bet on BushCo leaving their legal fate to the whim of a few truckloads of rigged voting machines this November.

David Teller

(David Teller is The Subway Serenade.)

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