Saturday, February 04, 2006

Grampa Munster Dies

Al Lewis had a radio show on WBAI here a few years ago, around the time that he ran for Governor to get the Green Party on the ballot. He once related this story on the air, and I'll tell it from memory.

He was booked on a flight to Los Angeles to film the movie version of "Car 54 Where Are You?" When he and his friend got on they were bumped up to first class.

When they took their seats and the plane took off, Al's friend noticed the gentlman in the seat in front of them speaking in a low German accent. As he listened further he realized that the man was none other than Henry Kissenger, talking to a young assistant.

So he turns to Al with a really low excited whisper: "Hey Al. look it's Henry Kissinger."

And Al says in his normal voice: "I know that's Henry Kissinger. Don't you think I know a war criminal when I see one!"

Kissenger's assistant stood up and turned to say something, and Al said. "Sit down, Sonny, I'm not your father."

No more words were exchanged, but Kissinger was flushed red for the remainder of the flight.

Rest In Peace Grampa.

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