Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thanks For The Howardly!

Phil*from*Iowa. wrote on February 3, 2006 08:02 PM:


a HOWARDLY to you for your fearless quest of spreading your music.

Actually that should read "relentless quest for shameless self promotion..."

Thanks again Phil. Here in the deep morning, I'd like to offer some thoughts on this:

Back in 2002, I was heavily promoting my DeanMix CD and folks were concerned that I was just out to sell my music. They missed a larger point I was trying to make, and it cost us.

When I craft my parodies, they are designed to elicit spicific responses. I build the word structures with a result in mind. I field test every song.

So the idea was not to sell a bunch of CDs, but to get those word structures into as many ears as I could in the shortest possible time. It broke my heart that folks didn't seem to understand.

Pardon the burst of ego, but I'm convinced that if "The Vermontster Mash," and "Kerry's Lament" had been used as intended in Iowa by the roots, it could have made a difference. I designed them to demonstrate that the burden of taking our country back becomes lighter when our individual efforts have visible meaning and results. One person making a difference was and still is the defining ideal of the Dean Movement.

So this time I want to be clear. This ain't about me, and it ain't about money. My goal is to reach 100,000 downloads of "Goper's Lament (Hard To BE A Republican)" by September 11 2006. Why?

Because I want every single Republican in this country know that they've made our nation a criminal laughing stock before the whole world. I want every Republican in this country to feel like "Goper's Lament" is a tar and feathering of everything they stand for. I want to gather up the ashes of my friends from the deepest parts of my lungs and spit PNAC right in their traitorous eyes.

The only way to overcome the Black Box Vote is to arrive on election day in such overwhelming numbers that any fraud would be glaring enough for prosecution. And make no mistake, I still believe that this administration is so criminal that it has no intention of ever giving up power. So for me, "Goper's Lament" is my line in the sand.

I intend to use my craft this time to alter a million votes by November. Since it's release on Jan 27, the song has been downloaded 103 times. I have 99,897 to go.

If you knew a song could change a million minds what would you do?

Pass it on.

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

notice the balls of steel under the H

Demetrius designed a work of art.

well deserved award Subway.