Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Map of the Internet

When it's finished. It should look like "Angel Trumpets!"

The above view shows that Cyberspace is a Fractal. Why am I not surprised?


EB said...

Interesting. I like the weblike energy flow and nodes. It is a nice impression of something that wouldn't be very interesting if you just saw it on a map. I mean, on a map, the edge of the internet in California might be outside Barstow or some place were access runs out. Curious in a way, but not remarkable graphically.
But you nicely suggest the energy exchange and the nodes of intensity. Those would change from time to time in size, shape location and intensity, don't you think? You'd have to update a real map, but you suggest it nicely here. I also like the way you imply synaptic connections throughout the "tissue" of the internet. It models the "thunderstorm" of electromagnetism in our brains that seems to accompany our sense of reality, waking or sleeping; in your painting it represents the inner reality of the world wide web. I like it.

The Subway Serenade said...

Editor's note:

The above image is not my creation. It was sent by a friend, and I'll have to find the attribution. I apologize for the confusion. Thanks eb for bringing this to my attention.


R2K said...

What do the colors mean?