Saturday, May 13, 2006

An Open Letter To Kos

I was banned from your site for the comment in the previous thread. Haven't got a clue as to what upset you. There are many intelligent, aware and active people at your blog and I'm sure we'd all like to see a free and fair election in November. It's just not gonna happen, and there are dozens of reasons why that should be painfully obvious to you by now.

If Democrats take control of both houses, as seems likely, they will, in addition having to clean up the mess left by the elephant, have to begin it's long overdue constitutional duty of oversight of the executive and his party. If I were John Conyers, I'd start at the PNAC's need for a "New Pearl Harbor" that fooled the nation into war in Iraq, and just pull on the threads until the sweater unraveled.

In all honesty, do you believe that BushCo would let that happen? Do you think they'd just let the intelligence committee follow the money trail of graft and war profiteering? They didn't want the 9/11 Commission! They have never allowed oversight! Do you think they'd just leave their fate to the whim of a few carloads of rigged voting machines and hacked phone banks?

They couldn't come this far so blatantly if they didn't have a plan. Our lovable furry friend Grover (Norquist) seems to think they'll pull Ossama bin Buggin' out of a spiderhole on Halloween. Now that would toss all the Democratic efforts in the toilet, but at least there would be no violence involved, and the permanent majority that Rove wanted would be firmly in place.

ANY other option that Bush has involves some lame excuse for declaring martial law. Invading Iran would be a great help to him there. Or maybe PNAC already has a sequel to 9/11 in the can.

Any mental health professional will tell you that Bush exhibits the pathology of an abusive spouse, except if he ever hit Laura, he knows he could never go to sleep. As Randi Rhodes often says, we're all wearing the blue dress now. Bush is at the stage now where he needs to teach his bitch a lesson. And who's gonna stop him? Arlen Specter?

So thanks for the troll rating, dude. It's greatly appreciated.


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Me too. xox

The Subway Serenade said...

It's nice to know that I rest beneath such compassionate wings.

Thank You Dear Friends.

Elmo said...

keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, your observations are all too correct.

The neocons have stolen the last two Presidential elections, and who knows how many House and Senate seats. Remember Max Cleland in Georgia? Remember President Gore, who was elected President of the United States of America, and would have been perhaps the greatest President this country has ever seen, had it not been for the Repuglicans and their five Stoogies in black gowns?

We the People should have risen up in the millions and millions and tens of millions in 2000 when the robed Stoogies stole the election from Al Gore and We the People. But too many of our schools and too many of our "religious" leaders, have taught us to be like sheep, and that is what we seem to have become. A nation of sheep.

The Oligarchs behind the scenes are not sheep. They are wolves. Guess what this amoral and vicious wolf pack feeds on? Sheep. These wolves have invested many millions of dollars to corrupt our electoral process and our present government.

The agents and fellow travelers of the Oligarchs include the corrupted main stream media, Voice of the Oligarch, sometimes called "FAUX News", and most of the so-called "religious" right leaders, until recently represented by Ralph Reed, among other equally notable hypocrites and crackpots.

This amoral, vicious pack of wolves have brainwashed millions and millions of Americans to vote against their own best interests. Their lies, and the constant repetition of those lies, have blinded and befuddled millions and millions. And if they have not brainwashed enough people, there are always other means available, to "win" every important election.

These wolves and their agents must keep We the People in the dark, blind, ignorant. They must have enough of us to continue to believe in thier lies, i.e. that this country continues to be the Land of the Free, the shining "City on the Hill," a "Beacon of Hope" to the world, subject to the "Rule of Law". I wish it were true. Unfortunately, for any particular person, it is true only if that person is an elite wolf himself, or one of the many privileged, pampered, amoral agents or cheerleaders who travel with and eat the left overs from the latest feast enjoyed by the Big Boys in the wolfpack. These sycophants and agents of the wolfpack enjoy a life of privilege and wealth without honor.

For the rest of us, we only have left the lingering memory of a happier day, and our old and precious illusions, to which we cling like babies cling to their dolls in the night.

It is said that we have the best Congress that money can buy. Does anyone believe that those who have corrupted our political system, our Congress, our Courts, and the Whitehouse, for their own selfish ends, without any concern whatsoever for the general welfare of We the People, and having access to incredible wealth and an army of amoral attorneys and fat lobbists, will voluntarily surrender the reins of government to We the People in the November elections, in 2008, or ever? Probably not without the bloodiest fight we have seen since the Civil War.

Before We the People take back this government, we are going to have to wake up and realize we are facing a fight now like none ever seen before in the history of this beautiful land. We are going to have to come out of our sheep skins, and relearn how to act like Men.

I suggest we take some lessons from the good people of Mexico, who cared enough to take to the streets in a great struggle to overturn a crooked election and take back their country.

I wish I could be more optimistic. Is it still possible for the voice of We the People to be heard at the ballot box in this country?

It appears that the Repuglicans, and their elite Masters, have no regard for the sanctity of our electoral process, or for our government or our Constitution, nor even any concern for the welfare or lives of We the People. This pack of ruthless thugs appears to be determined to suppress the voice of We the People at the ballot box, no matter what criminal means it is necessary for them to employ.

Nevertheless, I will not give up hope and I will never stop fighting for my beautiful and beloved land. NEVER! We the People have come too far, fought too long, sacrificed too much, to ever give up on the dreams expressed in our Declaration of Independence, or the Rule of Law and the Promises and Rights expressed to We the People in our sacred Constitution. We fight not only for ourselves, but for our Brothers and Sisters, and for our Children and their Children and all the generations to come, whom we hope will enjoy the freedoms under law which we once did. We fight for a country we love, and in which we still believe and hold dear its Promises. Many have died to protect these precious hopes and dreams.

Sadly, many more may yet be called.