Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thank You Jane Hamsher

Last night I recieved a rather remarkable gift from Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake. As folks know, whenever I post at the Progressive Blogs, I usually post a link to one of my songs as my personal "message in a bottle." I know some folks are annoyed by this, but one never knows when a funny song or a Love song can catch just one person at just the moment when it's really needed. Last night on my way to bed, I tossed a one liner into a thread about Ned Lamont at FDL and added a link to my Lee Greenwood sendup, as I did at Huffpo, ThinkProgress and Bradblog.

Bradblog, btw is doing some REALLY great work on the Busby/Bilbray CA:50 HAND RECOUNT that will tear the roof off...But I digress...

Literally ready to sign off, I passed by FDL again to see if the Lamont thread was going to be busy. Scrolling down I found that Jane heard the song and had a really good laugh. Good enough apparently that she linked it in the main post.
Now, from my computer, (God Bless Broadband!) I had seen Jane at the YearlyKos, chairing the panel with Joe Wilson and Murray Waas. This married grandfather will testify that Jane Hamsher is SMOKIN'!

So I logged out and went to sleep. It was nice to know that I made such an important person smile. But when I logged back on in the morningI had quite a shock.
Between 11pm and 4am "Goper's Lament" had been downloaded over 1000 times. It seems that for the first time since I posted my podcast, by 11pm tonight, Folks will have downloaded 2 Gigabytes of music from my website in a single day.

Thanks Jane, I'm glad I got the chance to make you laugh.


Swim said...

Thanks Serenade for the post and the song and the FDL plug...and for mentioning CA50.

I'm blogging about it and have linked Brad to everything. Today on FDL Jane did a voting rights post and that has generated a little attention. Point is, I'm trying to do what I can to make these voting machines made secure and verify-able. take a look at my site and any input you have to offer is appreciated.

Thanks for what you do.

Catreona said...

Way to go, Subway! WOOT!!!

Avedon said...

Thanks for stopping by The Sideshow to say Hi, too, so I could get a direct link to your actual weblog. Nice place ya got here.