Friday, October 27, 2006

A Surprise Gift From A Complete Stranger

A young man named Rick Uhl saw "Goper's Lament" posted at The Huffington Post and sent me this video from YouTube. This thing is a hoot!You can see the video by clicking the title.

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts appear out of nowhere. I hope you enjoy this and pass it along to your friends.


Renee in Ohio said...

That's very cool.

I don't think of myself as a particularly "fancy" blogger, but I do know how to embed those things, and I just posted it at HEP.

Denise said...

Hi Dave!

This is a long overdue post to tell you that I am very glad that your surgery was successful and that none of my sales reps would be getting in touch with me to help you any further!!

I am so glad that no cancer was found - so many of us were pulling for you - people you don't know but live very near you. I told them where you sing and that hopefully you'd be back out there soon.

Your son was very nice to correspond with during this time. I am glad he was able to connect with you and offer his support.

You just keep getting better and we'll keep working hard to get our country back SOON!!

Denise in San Mateo

Rakos said...

Nicely done it can be shared on your blog AND it also is recording views on the Tube...In just a few hours it has received a great deal of attention and that on a Friday night...go figure. I think there is a groundswell of discontent out there. Thanks again for the opportunity to illustrate your excellent music. God bless the USA and you...Rick

Jo*in*Vermont said...

yipee! I think this may be the first of many youtube vids to be made of your songs. you were way ahead of the curve on this one, Dave! thank u!

hope you're healing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave! This is great. I need to get with you....I have some good news. Is it ok to post the video on 3mels?

Jake Leonard said...

I thought this was a great video. Proved a great example of an ex-GOP slamming the GOP in a somewhat humorous fashion but also making a point.

Made a great "Talking Point" on my challenge on YouTube. For those who read this blog and is interested, go to and post a video response.

Just so you know, I actually make fun or all political parties.....

Rakos said...

Congratulations Dave! I am not sure how much of a difference WE made, but I am SURE that we were watched, and THANK GOD for the change! Maybe now we will see a balance of power restored in this great country of ours...God Bless the USA!