Sunday, April 13, 2008

Subway's Obama Campaign Limericks

The laughter, I just can't contain!
Never thought such a dame could campaign,
And bolster her fight,
With 'points' from the right,
Each day she sounds more like McCain!

And what the hell happened to Bill?
To his dear wife, again he's a pill!
If you want to bring your spouse,
Back into the White House,
You should try not to be such a shill.

When the Gopers anointed McCain,
They knew they'd be missing the train.
They'll soon be in trauma,
When Barack Obama,
Flushes their dreams down the drain!

Our candidate's name is Barack.
He'll come under right wing attack.
But he'll win the day,
Standing far from the fray,
If Howard Dean's watching his back!

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