Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Response to Mayhill Fowler II: ma...tml#postComment

This is the second column of yours that I've read. First of all, I'm glad Hillary almost always knows where she is. I know she's not where I am as a voter almost always. She's closer to Joe Lieberman, James Carville, and the DLC than she is to Howard Dean and the DNC. Barack, on the other hand, is running his campaign by Dean's playbook page for page.

Frankly, I'd take Obama's association with Wright and Ayers over Clinton's association with Carville and Lieberman in a heartbeat. I really liked Hillary when she ran for the Senate here in NY. I just can't stand the people she surrounds herself with and I sure as hell don't want them influencing White House policy.

Accept no prostitutes!

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