Monday, April 07, 2008

"Great American Hypocrites" A New Book

I just got finished reading an excerpt from Glen Greenwald's "Great American Hypocrites" which is currently threaded at the Huffington Post. Here's a taste of that thread:

It examines the deceitful, personality-based election tactics the Right uses to build absurd cults of personality around their leaders while demonizing liberal and Democratic candidates. Accompanying that, as always, is the vital role the establishment press plays in disseminating those vapid though powerful themes. This excerpt is from the chapter concerning John McCain's candidacy and how those themes will be deployed by the right-wing/media monster to transform him into a principled, honor-bound American icon.
Folks should read the article and buy the book, or at least order it in your local library so that the Department of Homeland Security can have a record of it. My comment made it into the thread.
First of all Thanks to Mr. Greenwald for another home run.

My concern is that there is compelling evidence that indicates that the Bush/Cheney cabal was never legally elected in the first place, and the mendacity that Glen relates to makes me wonder what most folks consider unthinkable. If in fact these high offices were stolen, what makes anyone think they just intend to hand those offices back to the people when they're times up? As Andrew Sullivan rightly put it, these guys will be tried for war crimes if they leave the country. In fact, the only thing standing between these people and serious prosecution here at home is their current address. These folks have already made it clear that they have no problem with losing a major city. They laugh about it when they think the cameras aren't looking, and they do it in front of high ranking journalists at Gridiron Dinners to boot. The very people who should be telling us about the laughter, so that we can show our outrage. I believe that between now and January, this Nation is on perilous ground. Who's to stop them if they decide not to leave, Gen. Petreus? Michael Mukasey?

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