Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Compassion Barrier

Since April of 2007, I've been developing a template for a biofeedback video game that locates the Human Soul. It involves using music to entrain Internal Electromagnetic Coherence (.6hz-1.2hz) and Spectral Coherence (3hz-17hz). The game has 4 distinct levels, and there will be no need for a 5th. All four levels of this template are complete. I've already reached the ignition point. All that remains is the thrill of being the first to beat the game. Technology already exists that can make this game and the Coherence it creates, shareable over the internet. I just want to thank God for giving me the mustard seed, and thank you all for your patience.

An astounding thing happened last night. Just before I fell asleep, I experienced an internal ignition sequence that was quite strong, without being hooked up to the Heart Tuner. A second ignition sequence that was less intense happened at about 3 am, and it woke me up from a sound sleep. This is HUGE, because it indicates recursion, as in pulling the chord on a lawn mower, in a biofeedback kinda way. I just wonder what will happen when the engine starts!

It may turn out that the actual harmonics differ from person to person, but for me, reaching what I'm tentatively calling "The Compassion Barrier" came when the Spectral peak closest to, but below 9hz reaches up around 1.0vrms, and Internal Coherence reaches above 140% on the Heart Tuner's scale. "The Compassion Barrier" is the point where the feeling of "Bliss" or "Eureka" or "Oneness" becomes unbearable. (Imagine unbearable happiness!) I believe this barrier can be penetrated easily with practice and I am looking forward to accomplishing this shortly, now that I've reached it. Stay tuned.

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