Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jedi Training - Using the Force: Wave Hurling

Prior to Nov 1, I was essentially riding or surfing on the waves of my EM field. On Nov 16, I posted a new facet to Level 4 of my game called "Wave Hurling." To do this, I let my EM field dance to the music while concentrating on the spectral peak closest to 9hz. the object of "Wave Hurling," is to make the wave cross at least 3 lines in both directions, by manipulating the amplitude modulation of the body's electricity. As you can see in the 7min 30 second span below, it's really easy to learn.
A hurl of 80% or more, for me, is sufficient to activate the "Eureka Response." Your mileage may vary.

Happy Holidays!!!

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