Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Research Update

When I tune my guitar, I tune the 5th string to A440. This means that the string vibrates at 440 cycles per second. As I build the 4th level of this heart coherence game, I've learned to directly manipulate heart frequencies of between 7.8 cycles per second (the Schumann Resonance, or the frequency of the Earth) and 9.0 cycles. In building these 4 game levels I've already created simple games that move the learning process along.

The ability to manipulate inaudible harmonic frequencies, proves the early "Heartlink" team's idea from 1997, that the heart's electromagnetic field can be used as a game controller, has been objectively and independently verified.

‎7.8hz (or there abouts) is the primary harmonic frequency that the Earth sings. 9.0hz (or there abouts) seems to be the harmonic that connects the thinking mind to the feeling heart. I generally have 1 spectral peak that fluctuates between these two harmonics. The new game I've created for level 4 tests how many times I can send this particular peak off the scale in a single session.

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