Monday, August 04, 2008

Subway's Heart Tuner Spectrum Pics

One of the things I'll be demonstrating at DemocracyFest is the ability to consciously create ascending harmonic waves in the heart, by using the "Heart Tuner" Gizmo I've been experimenting with. I was playing the Spectrum game while listening to the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever" last night and watching how the conscious manipulation of my electrical field produced wave after wave of coherent charge.

As I've said, when I arrive at DemocracyFest on August 15th, I'll be bringing the future of Civilization with me. That is, after all what Deaniacs have been doing since 2003!

Hope you've got your tickets!!!

Thanks to those who've donated to my Virtual Guitar Case to make this trip a little easier for Jackie and I. If you'd like to contribute please hit the "Donations" button in the sidebar.

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