Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can the Heart Tuner "Gizmo" Locate Your Soul?

First of all, this is not a commercial. This Heart Tuner Gizmo I've been experimenting with is, well, "experimental" and I'm simply reporting my findings to the Community as they become available.

On several occasions in my life, I have seen my eternal self. I think that this happens to compassionate people more often than is commonly realized. One example I often use is the moment when Lovers feel like two halves of the same person, but there is literature and scripture abounding around the world where folks claim to have attained higher states of awareness, or Oneness, or Grok.

Yet for all of the words and stories, myths and legends, there really has never been a way to objectively verify any of it. What happens in the body when this Oneness occurs? Is it measurable? If it can be measured, can it also be taught?

It is widely accepted in both medical and spiritual communities that Heart Coherence is emerging as something very important. Meditation, yoga and contemplative prayer are now considered to be "Heart Coherence Excercises." My experiments with the Heart Tuner have shown that it's quite easy to learn how to make the harmonic waves in your heart coherent. In fact I was startled at how quickly this Gizmo removes myth, legend and superstition from the process of accessing one's eternal nature. I'm not saying that I've suddenly achieved "Christ Consciousness," or anything even close, but I've remembered those times in my life when I've touched eternity, and just by playing this simple game, I've begun to map out the path to my Stillpoint. It starts by learning to consciously bring order to your heart's electromagnetic field.

So, can this Heart Tuner Gizmo really locate your soul?

Stay tuned...

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