Friday, November 02, 2012

The Astral Technician Endorses Barack Obama

I'm voting for Barack Obama on the Working Families Party ballot line. I'm doing the same in the down ticket races. The best way to move Obama to the Left is to give him a House and Senate that will drag him there kicking and screaming if they have to.

I consider myself far to the Left of the President. My political Hero is centrist named Howard Dean, a man who since 2003, has always been an entire election cycle ahead of the Democratic Party. I Loved it when he spoke of repealing Taft-Hartley, saying we should be exporting our Unions instead of our jobs. This election is too important. If you want the lunatics running the asylum again, Rmoney/Ruin is the perfect ticket. It shows that you would rather destroy the country than lose to the ever growing numbers of non whites surrounding you. You'll also lose the best Republican President since Bill Clinton.

If you're one of those who actually appreciates living in the 21st Century, and enjoys imagining the future as I do, then it's time to gently wrest control of the power structure from those individuals, corporations and institutions who refuse to leave the past behind. It's that simple. For those of us on the Left, Obama makes that job difficult. A Rmoney/Ruin Administration would make it impossible. So I'm voting for Obama, and every Progressive I can find on the ballot. Get out and vote. Bring your friends.

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