Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Inner Space Meets Cyberspace


Since April of 2007, as reflected in the pages of this weblog, I've been trying to map out a digital path leading to Global Enlightenment. Since the dawn of history, humankind through all its trials has sought "Oneness," and we now have the means to bring this Enlightenment about at a very low cost (compared to a war in the "graveyard of empires") and in a relatively short time.

The Heart Tuner Gizmo that I use in my research presents a technology that allows the electromagnetic field which is produced in the heart (known as the "Soul") to link with other hearts (Souls) over the internet on a planetary scale. It also would allow many hearts to verifiably "sing" at identical frequencies, creating the "Oneness" that has been talked about in literature and scripture throughout the ages across the whole world.

It would be hard to imagine the benefits of this technological breakthrough, but when Inner Space meets Cyberspace, we will see the next step in human evolution.

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