Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Merry Fitzmas to All!

In all their deeds
Spin spin spin
There is a Treason
Spin spin spin
And assigned
to when they usurp us

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Anonymous said...

What's happened.

bush&co. got four things done and are looking to get the fifth.

bush&co ordered the documents to be forged. Who else? Why? Who gains?

Only one entity gains - the ones looking to go to war.

One of the most overlooked aspects of this affair is who ordered the documents to be forged? Follow that chain and watch where it goes.

But no one's even asking.

Next, bush&co got to use the false information when needed and has yet to suffer any penalty for lying us into a war.

Third & forth, Brewster - Jennings, Plame are put out of play so they're not around to debunk any future Iran intelligence distortions, plus a shot is fired across the bow of the press - leaving fifth - Iran.

We stop the fifth, we go back to the first , we get them all!

We don't stop the fifth ... you don't even want to go there ...