Thursday, December 29, 2005

50 Ways To Dump The Dubya

It's just as true as in 2002:

"The problem is all inside your heads." Dean said to thee.
It's no time for dreamin' if you're listenin' to me.
We all must rise up now and keep our country free.
There must be fifty ways to dump the Dubya.

It's really never been, my habit to intrude.
But it don't take a rocket scientist,
see we're bein' screwed.
So just raise your voices. Don't be afraid of bein rude.
There must be fifty million ways to dump the Dubya.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On Love.mp3

Folks in this community have often seen me write the phrase Love Is God and I will have more on this subject in the weeks ahead. These three simple words are perhaps the hardest for Mankind to comprehend, but they are the key to our continued existence. Without Love, we are nothing.

How many people here have ever felt so much in Love with another that you felt like two halves of the same person? Who among us has ever felt a deep spiritual awareness that caused feelings of “Oneness” with All Life? Has anyone here ever hugged their mate and felt a love that was timeless?

I can hear the skeptics out there in their bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky. Perhaps Love IS just a second hand emotion. Perhaps believing in Love can only lead to heartache. Sometimes the sacrifices that Love demands can be extreme. I can understand their concerns but they don’t have a clue as to how sweet Love can be if you nurture it carefully. If you can ever find true Love you have a chance to touch eternity.

But I have a warning for you young people here who may not have the life experience of this old Subway Serenade. Love can be crazy and volatile. It can get heated and passionate. So if I can offer any advice, it would be Please Be Careful!


A Sex Education in Eighty Five Seconds

(To the tune of the "Animaniacs" theme)


You've just gone out for dinner,
And your date is really hot.
She tried to tear your clothes off,
In the movie parking lot.
You look inside you wallet,
And guess what you forgot?
But she's a nurse,
She checks her purse,
And now you know the plot.

They're Condomaniacs,
In their intimate contacts.
Cause when they prophalax,
Disease no one contracts.
They're Condomaniacs!

When people think that sex is bad,
They'll quote chapter and verse.
"You'll never go to heaven,
Having nookies with a nurse!"
But she just licked his tonsils,
I don't mean to be terse.
But they know what they're doin'
When it's too late to reverse.

They're Condomaniacs,
Even though the church attacks.
They know they can relax.
They watch each other's backs.
They're con do manie,
Use your brainie,
When you can't abstainie,

Click The Title,
And sing along!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Eternity 101

It is ingrained tradition from time immemorial to imagine that God is some really old dude with a long white beard and a lousy fashion sense, sitting on a throne in the middle of someplace called Heaven. We are told through scripture that we are created in God's image, which I guess means that "He" has opposable thumbs, armpits and toenails just as we humans do.

Some folks also tend to think that God is just as arrogant, spiteful, greedy, wrathful, and rude as we tend to be in our daily lives. He is, after all a 'dog eat dog' 'early bird catches the worm' 'survival of the fittest' kind of God that we've been handed down through the ages. In some minds God is such a narrow minded bastard that He would damn you to eternal fire simply for choosing the wrong religion. After all, He loves you.

Polls show that a vast majority of Americans believe not only in Adam and Eve, but also that Sadaam Husein had something to do with 9/11, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Numbers are similar to those for the belief in Santa Clause for people age seven and under.

Now I'm not saying that everything in the Bible is just the ravings of historic figures with no grasp of science or even indoor plumbing. In fact, the most profound thing that the Bible has to offer can be summed up in just three off the cuff words, coined now and then by one Jesus of Nazareth:

Son Of Man.

Enter the Twenty First Century.

Hello and welcome to "The End of Civilization as We Know It." You are about to become a New Species. Actually, it's a very ancient species, but needless to say you have arrived, and I'm here to help begin your orientation. Don't be alarmed, this is no more painful than graduating High School. Well I know that must have been a drag for a lot of you, but then you did get through that now didn't you? Alright then, let's all take a long, deep breath. That's good. Are we ready? Then let us begin. The species you are about to become is called Son of Man or Homo Infinitis, and you, along with several billion of your closest neighbors are about to make a conscious evolutionary leap beyond your current space time continuum.

For those of you who have come for the Apocalypse, or the Gates of Death exhibits, I have an announcement. The Apocalypse has been canceled for lack of brimstone, and the Gates of Death exhibit is being phased out over the next fifteen or so years. I'm sorry if this takes all the fun out of dieing, however your coupons will be redeemable at any other ETERNITYPASS (tm) attraction.

Now I realize that this whole "spontaneous evolution" thing comes a surprise to many of you, but I did try to tell you way back in 1994 that "The Awakening" was coming. It's not my fault that your media didn't see the signs. But now The Awakening is upon us, and it's time to prepare your minds for what your hearts already know.

Love is God. Compassion, Empathy, Insight Oneness, Wisdom, and Mercy are some of the named attributes of Eternal Love that are manifest in the Human Heart through its connection to The Bliss Harmonic. The Bliss Harmonic is what connects us to the Eternal Love which holds the fractal of All Life together. In a real sense, The Bliss Harmonic is identical to what has been called The Lost Chord, or The Name of God. It is the point where all of the musical notes played by the human heart spin recursively at a specific Phi ratio. (.618hz)

If this seems complicated, just imagine a tornado, or a simple whirlpool in your bathtub. The spin in its Phi ratio keeps the whirlpool from collapsing on itself. Similarly Compassion and Empathy grow when all of the musical notes in the heart are In-Phi-Knit with those of others.

Well, so what? What does any of this have to do with spontaneous evolution? Everything. When the hearts of two lovers beat as one and they feel like two halves of the same person, their hearts are singing The Name of God in unison. The same is true when one feels Compassion, Empathy and all the rest. What will happen when millions of human hearts begin to sing The Bliss Harmonic in unison like a global choir? Ascension, of course.

To be continued.