Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Sex Education in Eighty Five Seconds

(To the tune of the "Animaniacs" theme)


You've just gone out for dinner,
And your date is really hot.
She tried to tear your clothes off,
In the movie parking lot.
You look inside you wallet,
And guess what you forgot?
But she's a nurse,
She checks her purse,
And now you know the plot.

They're Condomaniacs,
In their intimate contacts.
Cause when they prophalax,
Disease no one contracts.
They're Condomaniacs!

When people think that sex is bad,
They'll quote chapter and verse.
"You'll never go to heaven,
Having nookies with a nurse!"
But she just licked his tonsils,
I don't mean to be terse.
But they know what they're doin'
When it's too late to reverse.

They're Condomaniacs,
Even though the church attacks.
They know they can relax.
They watch each other's backs.
They're con do manie,
Use your brainie,
When you can't abstainie,

Click The Title,
And sing along!


Thankful said...


After the Dean songs, this is my favorite.


Karen said...


Welcome to blogdom! :-)

Jo*in*Vermont said...

nice blog, subway!

here's a fractal screensaver for you in case you don't have one yet - this one's beautiful!

Catreona said...

Hi Subway,

That's a great song, and should be required listening/reading for everybody except professional celebates (monks, priests, and nuns), and it probably wouldn't do them any harm either.

Love the new blog. But, does that mean you're not gonna join the fun at the Arty Blog (

The Subway Serenade said...


I was just on my way to bed and noticed nest of Deaniacs in my comment vox. Love you all, and thanks.

The Subway Serenade said...


I only post here occasionally, mostly about special stuff because I'm really caught up with getting Goper's Lament and 50 ways into as many ears as possible ahead of Nov.

I want a million people to hum these songs in the voting booth.

Thanks all for stopping by.


R2K said...

You manic!