Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My NY Academy of Sciences Poster Presentation

And the
Human Electromagnetic Field

David J. Mirayes, Musician, West Seneca, NY

The body’s electricity instantly dances to the beat of audible music, regardless of heart rate or level of mental focus.

From Still Pond to Rolling Waves!


As the dance lessons begin, the body’s electricity keeps time with the music, but the Spectrum waves seem chaotic and unfocused. However this seeming chaos is like the still waters of a pond. After a short time and a little intuition, the waves start to become ordered and coherent.

Figure 2.

Spectral Coherence, as seen here, can be achieved with a little
practice in a very short time. Listening to music, as opposed to just meditating while doing this, greatly accelerates the process.

Figure 3.

As the Spectral Coherence increases, (right) so too does the overall
amplitude of the EM field itself. Learning to do this leads to electromagnetic discharges which I’ve named “Coherence Bursts.” (Left) Once these begin, the game becomes a matter of learning to create and sustain these discharges for as long as possible.

Figure 4.

Learning to sustain the Coherence Bursts leads to another form of discharge, where the electricity seems to arc back and forth as in the filament of a light bulb. I’ve named these “Polarity Bursts.” To my knowledge, I am the first person to observe and record these two types of internal electromagnetic discharges.

Figure 5.

Where Is "WOW?"

In this 7 minute capture of a session’s Internal Coherence history, note the times when the peaks rise above 100%. The five small discharges on the left feel like bursts of insight. Then there’s a sustained Polarity Burst to the right of the center. This is a clear indication
of peak experience, or “WOW!”