Monday, January 30, 2006

Nice While It Lasted

The Republic is Dead.

Long Live the King.

The United States of America came to an end today. The land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, has by a single action of the legislature, extinguished a great light unto all nations. It has turned a proud democracy into a sleazy dictatorship, and a laughing stock before the whole world.

Make no mistake. We are now a dictatorship. Having stolen two elections, this traitor needed only the force of the Judiciary to complete his treason.

This Judiciary will rule in favor of this Dictator, saying that this Executive Unit, this traitor has unlimitable powers, both foreign and domestic, in time of war. A war this Dictator declares is without end.

And what is the price of this legislative treachery? Our Public Health, Our Public Lands, Our Public Treasure and the betrayal of our men and women in uniform.

In short, the price of Dictatorship is The Common Good.

Long Live the King.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hard To Be A Republican


"Goper's Lament"

By David Teller

(For best results, save this song to your computer before playing, and please pass it on to your friends.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How To Find God? Do The Math!

When I was in the third grade we were given something called "The New Math." Having little experience with numbers it really didn't seem any different from "The Old Math" which I hadn't really understood either. (Didn't you just hate long division?)

Well folks, there is a new math in town that's even older than The Old Math and I've been studying it's ramifications for the world we live in. It's called "Fractal Geometry" and it shows on a grand scale that God has essentially created a "paint by numbers" universe.

I was first introduced to fractal Geometry by Dan Winter, creator of "Cardiofeedback." His writings on the subject showed me how fractals are the numerical underpinning of the universe and are evident everywhere you look from the sub atomic to the galactic.

Winter's work shows that the human heart is the "Fractal Attractor" that connects physical existence with the "Magnetic Event" that we often refer to as "The Soul." (This will be the subject of my Tuesday post.")

But on the fun side, fractals can be played with and enjoyed. I am currently playing with a toy called Fractal Explorer 2.02 that allows me to create amazing infinite images. I'm even learning how to create short animated fractal movies. For those of you out there with high speed internet, I have found someone in google that has animated fractals that you can download. These are large files, 30+MB but well worth the free price of admission. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From JC's Designs

Al Gore For President

Yesterday I got to see the "New and Improved" Al Gore close up. I watched the speech three times to make sure I wasn't fooling myself. But when he called The People to action, I knew. He's running for President in 2008. Everyone here knows that Howard Dean would be my first choice under any circumstances. But Dean has said, and rightly so, that there would be no sense in him running if the Democratic Party was as dysfunctional as when he assumed the Chairmanship.

Throughout the speech yesterday I found myself saying "Yes, Mr. President." at least half a dozen times. Not because he was saying anything new but, like Dean, Al Gore has become comfortable with the Truth his heart speaks. It saddens me deeply that it it's taken more than five years for a Democrat to say that "The President has repeatedly broken the law." and that such lawbreaking represents "a pattern of indifference." But it's finally been said, and Gore has picked up the standard dropped so badly by Kerry and Edwards.

Although most folks don't realize it, Global climate change is THE issue facing all of humanity. We should have begun what was necessary when Carter was President, and now we have genuine disasters looming on the horizon. I think that Al Gore has a keen grasp of the problem and how dramatic changes in the energy sector could go a long way toward reversing the damage already done. On nearly every other issue, I trust that he would take what went right with the Clinton years and take a new path that would move us toward the twenty first century that this world has long hoped for. But most of all we need a statesman who can articulate that direction, one who knows how to seize his moment in history. I think Al Gore did this yesterday.

When this Statesman finally puts words to his de facto announcement of candidacy yesterday, I believe his running mate will be none other than the man whose leadership takes back both houses of Congress this year.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome To Cyberspace Annamay

I have a new friend that I met quite by chance. And I figured I'd coax her into finding out that there's more to the internet than just email. Like simply acknowledging to the universe the joy of accidental friendships.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello Folks!

Just a drive by to say hi. I am now learning "podcasting" from the ground up, as I attempt to put together a weekly show while learning the art of Radio from the ground up.

One drawback of production is that my internet software has to be turned off while working. The upside of it all is that I'm taking a crash course on audio production from the comfort of my living room.

My first Podcast made all of my recorded music available in this new medium, so that others can use it in their shows if they like. But as I learn how to drive this thing I'll be developing a "Morning Gnus" thingie, and making content from this Community available.

ALso, my new hit "Goper's Lament" will be released next week. ConSec calls it "An Anthem for the 2006 Election."

(It made Puddle smile)

Driving off now...L8R.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Grok Box Rocks

Sixties' icon Dr. Timothy Leary predicted shortly
before his passing that one day someone would
create a computerized device that could teach
people how to see God. As it turns out he was
probably right. The concept seemed simple enough.
If you could align your brainwaves to the frequency
of Love, you could unlock the pan-dimensional
capabilities of the human consciousness and achieve
the "Oneness" described in Scripture, or "grok" as
they say in science fiction.

As one who well remembers when "Virtual Reality"
came in sugar cubes, and who recalls the research
in the early 1970's into primitive "Biofeedback"
technology, I was intrigued with Leary's prediction.
Perhaps someone was working on such a "Grok Box."
So in the spring of 1997 I began my search for the
latest information on what I've come to call "Astral
Technology." What I found, surprisingly was a field
that was much further along than I had imagined. for
example, Dr. Andrew Junker of Brain Actuated
Technologies, was pioneering computer interfaces for
the disabled. His "Brain fingers" device boasts several
"Hands Free" computer games that encourage biofeed-
back interaction.

Other people were expanding the boundaries of Phi
Music, Microtone Brainwave Generators, and Fractal
Animation. And an emerging consensus seemed to
indicate that transcendent consciousness can be achieved
simply through the subtle manipulation of certain
internal harmonics.

The big breakthrough came on July 4 1997 with the
invention of what was then called "The Heart link
Interface." Its creator, Dan Winter worked on the long
held notion that the human heart is the"Primary
Harmonic Oscillator" of the body. Meaning that the
heart was in fact,a complex musical instrument that
could theoretically be"tuned' like any other.The two
questions to be answered were,"What happens in the
heart when we feel Compassionate Love?" and "Can
this feeling measured? The answer to the first question
is a bit complex.

Under normal circumstances, the heart "sings" at many
harmonic frequencies at the same time. However these
frequencies become focused and begin to converge much
like a whirlpool as compassion grows, and these
harmonic waves begin to spin at a specific harmonic
base note of .618hz or PHI. During times of more
analytical tthought,the ratio becomes 1.6, which is still
a ratio of PHI.

The important thing to note here is that when using the
Interface,(Now called "The Heart Tuner") you can see
your heart's harmonics represented on a screen much like
an ekg in a doctor's office. So if you can learn to touch
the point where compassion begins, it becomes easier to

Many people in the medical community are stressing the
benefits of something called "Heart Rate Variability"
(HRV) which simply put is the ability of the heart to sing
at the full range of it's musical instrumentation.
Apparently as we age,the range of the heart's "voice"

Imagine a piano whose notes at each end of the keyboard
begin to fade with age. So where a child's heart may have
an eight octave range, a middle aged person may be
down to 6 octaves or less. Medical research has shown a
direct link between the harmonic range of the heart and
overall health.So one benefit of Cardiofeedback
technology is that it"teaches" HRV in real time.

Yet the ultimate benefit of Cardiofeedback is that two
people using the same device can teach their hearts to
"sing" in unison at the exact harmonic frequency of
Compassionate Love. This same capacity can be
expanded to include millions of people in a simple "chat"
environment. So, now that we have the technology
available for the task, my question at this point is:

How many hearts, singing The Bliss Harmonic in
unison like a global choir, would it take for
Compassionate Love to achieve the "critical mass"
necessary for human ascension?

Are you ready to Grok?